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Vaccines Minister Do we still have one?

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MayBee70 Tue 19-Oct-21 19:23:14

We know the vaccine deployment minister is now Education Secretary but we were talking about him today and DH said ‘who’s replaced him then’. So I’ve googled it and nothing comes up. Do we actually have a vaccines minister now or do the government think that we no longer need one as they seem to be ignoring the high infection rate?

Casdon Tue 19-Oct-21 19:29:28

Yes, here she is.

Blossoming Tue 19-Oct-21 19:31:55

Maggie Throup is the new Vaccines Minister.

Blossoming Tue 19-Oct-21 19:32:23

X post!

MayBee70 Tue 19-Oct-21 20:48:17

Thanks for that.

MayBee70 Wed 20-Oct-21 13:42:39

DH tells me that Suzanna Reid and Richard Madeley googled ‘who is the current vaccines minister’ on GMB today as they also questioned whether we did actually have one given that there seemed to be complete silence these days from that department!

Whitewavemark2 Wed 20-Oct-21 14:14:09

I thought exactly that on my way to my flu vaccine this morning.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Oct-21 14:46:08

Hopefully as she is not on every current affairs or news program she is busy in the office getting acquainted with her brief and staff.

MayBee70 Wed 20-Oct-21 16:31:47

Let’s just hope she’s working hard on the booster vaccination programme. Maybe getting better publicity for local vaccination centres would be a good start.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Oct-21 17:02:24

Our local walk-in clinic is open , no appointments needed for first/second vaccine. Received email and text from NHS at beginning of October inviting us for third jab, DH went this morning I am going next week.

Publicised in local press, FaceBook/NextDoor and online community groups (I am not on any of these, but AC are and always like to let me know what’s going on).

Vaccination reminders seem to be on every news item, not easy to miss.

MayBee70 Thu 21-Oct-21 01:29:31

Well, all I can say is it must vary from area to area because I’ve heard nothing and I only know about the local vaccination centre because someone on Facebook mentioned it and said it was empty because nobody knew about it.

Margiknot Thu 21-Oct-21 17:14:32

Maybee are you 6 months from your second Covid vaccine? I got a text ( and later a letter) exactly 6 months and a day after my second to book my booster. The text mentioned my CEV status so maybe got called up slightly faster.

MayBee70 Thu 21-Oct-21 18:14:54

I’ve got two weeks to go. Hoping to hear sometime next week. Can’t wait to have it done.

nightowl Thu 21-Oct-21 18:23:02

She is a useless constituency MP so I’m not holding my breath that she’ll be any good at her new post hmm