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Getting a code to get the lateral flow test.

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westendgirl Fri 22-Oct-21 17:32:57

I see that you now have to download a code or ring 119 to get one before you can collect lateral flow tests. Up until now I have just been able to collect them from my local chemist. I just wonder if anyone knows why this change and does anyone else think it is somewhat off putting.

BlueBelle Fri 22-Oct-21 17:40:07

I believe it was because people weren’t pinging in their results

PamelaJ1 Fri 22-Oct-21 18:00:36

I got mine.
I also think that some people were just picking up the test kits when they didn’t need or use them.

bumblebee34 Sat 23-Oct-21 16:54:15

I have just posted about this on the other thread about lateral flow tests. It is a bit of a hassle now, having to go online or phone and input all your details before getting a code you can give the chemist. Seems to me it will do nothing but discourage people from doing the test at a time when the situation is worsening!

ninathenana Sat 23-Oct-21 17:22:39

I order on line and the kits are delivered by post

Sparklefizz Sat 23-Oct-21 17:30:41

I order online and they arrive by Royal Mail the following day.

grannyqueenie Sat 23-Oct-21 18:42:36

I do the same and no code needed so far.

lemsip Wed 10-Nov-21 06:09:15

you don't need a code to collect lateral flow tests from Boots pharmacy, I got some just the other day.

ElaineI Wed 10-Nov-21 15:05:37

Just do it online. Very quick.

lemsip Wed 10-Nov-21 15:20:32

Also...providing you can get out, it's very quick to pick them up from pharmacies for free and no code needed

Alegrias1 Wed 10-Nov-21 15:44:06

lemsip - are you in England?

Jaxjacky Wed 10-Nov-21 16:08:28

OP was three weeks ago, so I assume sorted.

westendgirl Wed 10-Nov-21 16:12:40

Lemsip, i can get them from one of the local pharmacies without a code, but Boots said they couldnt give me them, because I didnt have a code !!
I did have to go to the local one so got them there.

fiorentina51 Wed 10-Nov-21 18:23:22

Mine was ordered online last week and arrived by post on Monday. No code needed.

paddyann54 Wed 10-Nov-21 21:02:26

Alegrias1 I've just picked up two boxes from a local chemist ,I'm north of Glasgow

Kamiso Wed 10-Nov-21 21:26:35

Are these new or the same as previous tests? We’ve still got two boxes of them. They were being given out at the market and the young man pressed two boxes on us.

We’ve been so caught up trying to arrange new bathrooms and kitchen (which is far from easy with long waits involved and that’s just to get the estimates) that i’ve lost touch.

Ashcombe Wed 10-Nov-21 21:34:34

From when the idea of regular testing was first suggested, I've had tests delivered to my home via Royal Mail. The first few tests required throat and nasal swabs but the last few packs received have only involved nasal ones. I report the results online and am never asked for a code.

Alegrias1 Wed 10-Nov-21 21:42:10

Thanks paddyann54

The code is so that they can identify you. If they are sending you tests in the post they know who you are. The situation is different in England and Scotland, you don't need a code in Scotland, I believe.

humptydumpty Wed 10-Nov-21 22:37:19

Ashcombe did you get the nasal-only tests from the NHS?