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Commons staff told to work from home if possible after Covid cases in parliament

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PippaZ Wed 03-Nov-21 12:48:51

Well there's a suprise.

What next I wonder.

dustyangel Wed 03-Nov-21 12:50:56

I just read this too Pippa and feel whatever next?

Rosalyn69 Wed 03-Nov-21 12:53:25

No surprises at all.

FarNorth Fri 05-Nov-21 20:09:00

"Another senior Conservative backbencher told the Guardian they were concerned that telling MPs to wear masks in parliament would create “the perception that there is one rule for us and another for everyone else”."

What stupidity.
I translate that as "mask-wearing could protect MPs while the general public is still at risk from each other."
If you are an MP who believes that to be true, you should campaign to have masks re-introduced for the public, not do without them yourself.

I hope Rees-Mogg gets very unpleasantly ill with covid. It would be just reward for his smugness on this.