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Immunosuppressed - 4th jab

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AcornFairy Mon 29-Nov-21 16:21:22

Listening to the latest news I understand that those of us who are severely immunosuppressed will now be able to have our booster jabs - i.e. a 4th jab - 3 months after we had our 3rd primary jab. Let's hope these jabs are more understood than our 3rd primaries were!

Helen657 Wed 01-Dec-21 18:38:21

Ooh, I’ve missed that, I’ll have to have a look at the latest news! Thanks for posting

Sashabel Wed 01-Dec-21 18:57:41

My sister went for her booster this morning and on arrival at the vaccination centre, mentioned that she had just finished chemo for breast cancer (just last week). She was immediately taken to a side room and given her jab without having to queue and was told that she will be able to have a 4th jab in 3 months time.

Iam64 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:29:30

Yes this feels like a positive step for us. I waited 6 months for the booster, now known as my 3rd vax with the booster now in 3 months. Relieved as the weeks before my 3rd/booster I did feel anxious that my antibodies may be so depleted as to leave me vulnerable