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People that have had covid….

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MayBee70 Wed 22-Dec-21 13:55:52

This isn’t a reference to anyone on gransnet by the way, but about another forum I’m on. There are several people that have had covid mildly and have suffered no after effects. They seem to have some sort of messiah complex in that they’re all totally anti mask, anti safety measures: some are anti vacc, too. All male ( but it is a mostly male forum). I wondered if they represent a lot of the population? I think they assume that it’s their physical health that has enabled them to survive covid and that the rest of us are lesser beings. I need to avoid having arguments with them but worry that, if they do represent a lot of the population what an uncaring society we seem to be living in..

dogsmother Wed 22-Dec-21 14:29:53

Well I’ve had it. Considered a mild dose however it was three weeks later that I realised that I was actually feeling better as I felt more inclined to attempt running upstairs.
It also triggered long forgotten asthma and I’m back on inhaler.
I am grateful that I’d had two doses of vaccine and sorry that I was just 24 hours short of my booster. I feel I’d have suffered greatly had this not have been the case.

Galaxy Wed 22-Dec-21 15:04:41

Generally people on social media arent really representative of the population.

BlueSky Wed 22-Dec-21 15:38:42

Same here Dogsmother!

Kali2 Wed 22-Dec-21 15:45:12

I had Covid exactly one year ago- I was quite poorly but not tooo bad and it lasted about 10 days- only long term effect were loss of smell and taste, and the 'unmentionable' (diorrhea) for a couple of months.

I also have had 2 jabs since then- and we are always very careful, masks in all public places, wash hands, gel - this is no laughing matter, for sure.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 22-Dec-21 15:59:36

I think on any forum you can say what you think, maybe they will listen to your thoughts.
Go ahead, upset them, you might make a difference to their behaviour.

MayBee70 Wed 22-Dec-21 17:34:46

Oh, believe me, I do!

EllanVannin Wed 22-Dec-21 18:27:19

Badly, Christmas/ New Year 2019/20 and wasn't right until June last year. If I'd have rang emergency services I probably wouldn't have lived.

VioletSky Wed 22-Dec-21 18:34:28

As far as I know I haven't had it despite having it in my home and not being able to distance from my daughters, especially as one is autistic.

Have worked closely with positive children and teachers.

I've been worried for ages I would get it for Christmas but all seems well so far (touch wood).