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Cold v Covid - what to do?

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Daisymae Fri 24-Dec-21 13:43:04

DH is vulnerable, has been on the shielding list and not in great health. Have a scaled down Xmas Day planned. Have just heard that one of the participants has had a cold all week, testing negative. Feels over the worst. However I know that lateral flows are not 100% from personal experience. I want it to go ahead BUT what if???? Should I cancel? Or take a chill pill? DH wants to cancel.

Rosalyn69 Fri 24-Dec-21 13:44:40

I think you should respect DH’s opinion since he’s the one with poor health.

tanith Fri 24-Dec-21 14:20:21

My GS had cold this week tested negative twice, today his PCR came back positive so my daughter and I can’t go he’s so gutted to of spoiled Christmas for his family they’ll be alone and his mum and I will have a quiet day together.
I would t rely on LFT if I were you in your circumstances.

Daisymae Fri 24-Dec-21 14:22:05

OK thanks for the replies. You are right. Have cancelled. Very upset, plus have a lot of things headed for the bin. Oh well,

Elizabeth27 Fri 24-Dec-21 14:23:16

I and two members of my family have had colds over the past two weeks, all lateral flow tested negative one a negative PCR.

I think we seem to have forgotten that there has been and always will be the common cold and other viruses.

FarNorth Fri 24-Dec-21 14:24:19

You've made the right choice.

VioletSky Fri 24-Dec-21 14:26:00

I'm sorry you have had to cancel your planned Christmas but you can still make the best of it and it's good to look after your health now so that future Christmases can be anything you want them to be

tanith Fri 24-Dec-21 14:27:36

Me too Daisymae I’m cooking the Turkey crown still not decided what to do about that, homemade Christmas cake which will keep and loads of mince pies. It’s such a bloody disappointment but then it struck my beloved GS has bloody COVID ? so far only bad cold symptoms fingers crossed it’ll be ok. Have the best Christmas you can ?

chelseababy Fri 24-Dec-21 16:23:34

According to the Zoe app, half of colds are actually covid.

Urmstongran Fri 24-Dec-21 16:38:03

Sadly I do think you’ve made the right decision for your partner Daisymae. He would have been upset and stressed and probably not relaxed enough to enjoy the day.

Daisymae Fri 24-Dec-21 17:10:38

Yes, I know that you are all right and thanks for replying. Having got this far down the line I was just thrown that cancellation was thrown in the mix. Would have been the first time since Christmas 2019 that we used the dining room. Maybe we still will as I have decked it out. I know that its the right decision but still.....

NotTooOld Fri 24-Dec-21 19:45:06

Stop stressing, Daisymae! You had no choice. Lots of us are in the same boat.

LadyGracie Fri 24-Dec-21 22:39:24

I’ve had a terrible cold for a week, I had a PCR test on Wednesday, no result has come yet.
What to do on Christmas Day?

grumppa Fri 24-Dec-21 22:44:07

DW had probably her worst cold ever, tested LF negative throughout, but is awaiting a PCR result, taken just in case. I had very mild cold symptoms but LF came up positive, so I too am awaiting PCR verdict.

Better to take no chances.

FarNorth Fri 24-Dec-21 23:15:14

Better to take no chances.

That's all that needs to be said.

LadyGracie Sat 25-Dec-21 13:12:29

Just this minute got my negative PCR result.
It's raining and miserable here in South Wales, I'm still staying put.

Hetty58 Sat 25-Dec-21 14:20:11

My grandson tested positive this morning - so I'm staying put. He's had no symptoms, as yet, but his sister's had a 'cold' with negative tests.

Quite a coincidence, especially as they've been at home and not mixing this week. LFTs are 80 - 90% reliable, but only if done correctly. That's not great accuracy, is it?

Cunco Sat 25-Dec-21 17:43:26

I am not sure LFTs are very reliable. My wife and I basically locked ourselves down when my grand-daughter, whom my wife had visited, tested positive last Friday. Two days later, we both tested negative but my wife felt a bit under the weather with a cough. Two days later, feeling perfectly well, my wife tested positive. She is perfectly well now but still testing positive while I am consistently testing negative.

I read that 50% of colds are Omicron. I suspect very many positive cases of Omicron are no worse than colds. In our immediate family, 4 people have tested positive, 3 with temporary minor symptoms and 1 with basically a case of 'flu.

We are playing by the rules but our society cannot go on like this. We already have inflation, massive debt and a stalling stop-start economy. If we need more hospital beds, build more, but don't shut people (including essential workers) away for testing positive to what amounts to a minor illness for many of us.

GagaJo Sat 25-Dec-21 21:54:27

A friend has had what she thought was a bad cold. Tested negative repeatedly on LFT. Got her positive PCR result last night. She's had the 'cold' for at least 6 days. Been going to work.

sazz1 Sat 25-Dec-21 22:56:37

Delta can cause very severe symptoms. Please stay home if you test positive

FarNorth Sat 25-Dec-21 23:34:01

It's starting to seem as if we'd be just as well to let people choose to have random periods of isolation, with or without symptoms, and without bothering to test.

Grannytomany Sun 26-Dec-21 00:51:20

The official advice for anyone who thinks they might have Covid is to get a PCR test to confirm. LFTs are not reliable and not intended for anyone who has symptoms. I’m surprised there isn’t more awareness communication about this.

When I caught Covid in September (no idea how), it was a high temperature and general aching which made me suspect I might have it but two LFTs were negative. On the same day as the second of those LFTs a PCR test was positive. My husband had no symptoms at that point but a PCR test was positive. Out of the 8 members of my family who I seem to have managed to infect, only one of them had a positive LFT and the others have negative LFTs but positive PCRs.

Our symptoms varied widely with one of the youngest children being completely asymptomatic and the rest of us ranging from very minor cold symptoms to full on ‘few days in bed’ type flu type symptoms with temperature, streaming nose and violent sneezing. My granddaughter said that if it had been spring, she’d have thought hers was just hay fever.

There was an article in the Times a few days ago which said that, in vaccinated people, Covid presents much more like a cold, in varying degrees, than the illness we’ve all heard so much about and come to dread. There are still notices up at our local hospital purporting to tell us what is and isn’t a symptom of Covid and they are wrong! Sneezing and runny nose are most definitely symptoms of Covid (yet the notices say they are not) and it seems to be a matter of chance whether you lose your sense of taste or not. Loss of smell was more common amongst Covid sufferers in my family.

The article I mention said that if you think you have a cold at the moment, it’s very likely to be Covid instead. I’m sure it’s this confusion that is helping fuel the current explosion of cases. People just don’t realise they are contagious, especially if their symptoms are mild.

PCR tests are the way to go if you feel unwell.