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"If you have a cold, there’s about a 50% chance that it is actually Covid.”

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FarNorth Fri 24-Dec-21 21:58:43

“The semi-lockdown has been terrible for colds, they are struggling to survive. So if you have a cold at the moment, there’s about a 50% chance that it is actually Covid.” .

GagaJo Fri 24-Dec-21 22:07:36

I've thought that repeatedly and keep testing both myself and DGS (he's had a cold non-stop since September). Negative every time.

lemsip Fri 24-Dec-21 22:37:59

I've just recovered from a dreadful headcold..... lasting over two weeks pcr test negative.

Katie59 Sat 25-Dec-21 07:49:58

My sons family have all had colds only one tested positive for Covid and he had no cold symptoms, mysterious but they are over it and clear except for residual coughs.

rosie1959 Sat 25-Dec-21 08:51:23

Hence the new Christmas routine
Red dress
Make up it is a special occasion
Stick up nose and test !

Farmor15 Sat 25-Dec-21 14:13:50

Daughter had mild cold symptoms and did antigen (lateral flow) test - positive straight away. Booked PCR for whole family (husband and 2 children) but isolated meantime as she assumed Covid. Results came back last night - youngest (20 months) also positive but no symptoms at all. Husband and other child negative so far.

Daughter had none of the Covid symptoms listed on official website - it does seem that Omicron variant mimics a cold (but doesn't mean it is just a cold).

FarNorth Sat 25-Dec-21 14:48:45

The Zoe app findings, for several months, have shown that cold symptoms should be included as possibly indicating covid.
Now, with omicron, that seems even more to be the case.

JaneJudge Sat 25-Dec-21 15:06:40

I've had a cold since Sunday but all my LFTs have been negative and I've had to work anyway. Everyone seems to have a cold.