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Warning Covid Pass Scam

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Marydoll Wed 26-Jan-22 13:29:19

I have just received this email, purporting to be from the NHS. I think the Punjabi email address gives it away. Hopefully, no-one will be naive enough to click on the link.

NHS Pass <[email protected]>

Greenfinch Wed 26-Jan-22 17:29:59

I had a text message purporting to be from the NHS urging me to apply for my COVID pass. If I didn’t I could incur a fine. No other details except for a link which I obviously did not click.

Gwyneth Wed 26-Jan-22 18:59:11

Me too Marydoll and Greenfinch. Have had two texts now. The fine set up alarm bells.

MayBeMaw Wed 26-Jan-22 20:13:30

Oh dear - they’re a bit out of date aren’t they?

Marydoll Wed 26-Jan-22 20:15:35

Not very bright to have a Punjabi email address, unless the NHS have outsourced this! ?