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NS and no mask

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Mollygo Sun 17-Apr-22 15:04:44

Is a phone video taken by a customer in a barber’s chair acceptable evidence that Nicola is breaking mask rules in Scotland?

volver Sun 17-Apr-22 15:14:22

Well we'd need to see the video.

Mollygo Sun 17-Apr-22 15:34:21

I’m sure someone will post it on Twitter. Currently, there’s only a picture.
There were lots of pics of her unmasked at the D of E Memorial service.

Grannynannywanny Sun 17-Apr-22 15:39:02

I thought the entire congregation were unmasked at the memorial service.

volver Sun 17-Apr-22 15:56:24

So. There no video to see, and there are pictures of her not wearing a mask in a place where mask wearing is not required.

Anything else?

BlueBelle Sun 17-Apr-22 15:59:33

Ohhh goodness p, read a book, watch the tv, have a coffee

volver Sun 17-Apr-22 16:06:37

Oh, its Jane Lax. I'm saying nothing.

BTW, I found the video. If she's not adhering to the law she needs to be subject to whatever fine or whatever is in place.

I don't expect she'll stand up in Parliament and say she was never in a barbers, and if she was all the rules were met, and if they weren't nobody told her it was wrong.

Aveline Sun 17-Apr-22 16:10:02

No she'll probably say she 'does not recollect'. It's what she usually says. ?