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Countdown from when?

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Lizbethann55 Mon 18-Apr-22 17:06:23

My DH tested positive on Saturday. ( He did a LFT as he had cold symptoms and was very tired). Obviously put the halt on all our Easter plans and left me with a fridge full of food and no one to eat it and my DACs running round trying to find meals for Sunday.
When DH sent in his results the 5 day countdown started on his app. Today he is still testing positive. So when does the countdown actually apply to? Is it 5 days from yesterday, even if he tests positive? Or is it 5 days from being negative? We have theatre tickets and a hotel room booked in Litchfield for Saturday night to see my actor son in an amazing production called Glee Club and don't want to miss it!

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 18-Apr-22 17:09:42

I get so confused. I didn’t think you had to isolate anymore. It’s just left to us to be sensible and take precautions as we see fit.

Mamissimo Mon 18-Apr-22 17:11:13

Hi - went through this last week....the day you test positive is day zero so five days after that - the NHS covid app will show you when you're 'liberated' ! I tested pos on a Saturday morning and was out of Isolation at one minute to midnight on the Thursday night. Many people are still showing a strong positive test for up to ten days though. Good luck!

LauraNorderr Mon 18-Apr-22 17:14:41

If your husband is testing positive now there’s a fair chance you’ll get it too. Imo it would be kinder to cancel your theatre visit. A great disappointment for you and for your son but for the greater good…

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 18-Apr-22 19:51:48

I was still testing positive after 10 days.

Cabbie21 Mon 18-Apr-22 20:00:35

My experience of covid was like a cold, three days coming ( I tested negative on day 2 ), three bad days( I tested positive on day 5 ) and three days going( I tested negative on day 8 ).
However the NHS/ government guidelines are somewhat vague eg Stay at home if you can. Ridiculous.

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Apr-22 20:01:08

I tested positive on the afternoon of 6th April, negative last Friday afternoon, 9 days, stayed in until my negative test.

Mollygo Mon 18-Apr-22 22:09:24

In Germany, the isolation is 10 days unless you test negative earlier, but after that you can get a certificate to say you have isolated for 10 days. That’s what happened to me.

LOUISA1523 Tue 19-Apr-22 01:37:52

Saturday is day 7 ....if he's has tested negative days 6 and 7 ( or 5 and 6) ....he will be fine as per covid guidance

Teacheranne Wed 20-Apr-22 14:34:42

I tested positive last Tuesday and following info from the gvt, I started counting days from the day after the test, ie Wednesday. The info says I could pass on the virus for up to 10 days from when my infection starts. I should “try to stay at home and avoid contact for 5 days but avoid meeting people at higher risk from Covid for 10 days” There is no mention of needing a negative test in England.

For me, I think that means I can go out freely on Friday even if I am still testing positive - I tested positive today although I no longer have any symptoms.

Morally though, I do not feel comfortable going to a large WI event ( over 170 ladies) on Friday even though the gvt info says I am no longer infectious. I certainly don’t plan to visit my mum in her care home until I test negative, luckily I have enough LFT tests in my little stash.

I just wonder what others think about mixing again from day 10 with negative test results. I live on my own and have not been out of the house since last Monday and am now running out of food!

Lizbethann55 Thu 21-Apr-22 18:57:10

Thank you for your advice everyone. Sadly, it makes no difference as I started with Covid yesterday, so won't be going anywhere!!

Jaxjacky Thu 21-Apr-22 19:22:03

Oh what a pain Lizbethann55.