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Does this sound normal? Anyone else?

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Mandrake Sat 28-May-22 04:14:28

I recently had Covid. I did okay and day 7-13 got back to a lighter but normal routine. Day 14-15, I feel like I've gone backwards. Almost like a mild cold lingering, but nothing too awful. Has anyone else gone backwards after feeling they were better? Are my expectations just unrealistic?

rosie1959 Sat 28-May-22 06:16:14

Covid has such a wide range of symptoms from none at all to much more severe.
If you were feeling better and continuing with normal life is it possible you have picked up a normal cold virus afterwards

dragonfly46 Sat 28-May-22 06:44:42

I had this - two steps forward and one backwards. It does pass eventually.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 28-May-22 06:59:51

Same here , we felt awful for about 4 weeks after we tested negative, I still can’t taste some foods, sweet and citrus are ok, but some savoury foods I can’t taste at all. Odd.

Thoro Sat 28-May-22 07:27:20

Takes quite a time to get fully over it !