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Winter booster 2023

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Jnan Mon 17-Jul-23 13:52:22

Hi everyone

Just a bit of advice please? I've just been offered the winter covid booster from my GP and don't know whether to get it or not? I've had all my other covid vaccinations but not sure what to do this time?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 17-Jul-23 13:56:20

I'd say take it Jnan as it's better safe than sorry. If you've managed to avoid covid all this time I'm sure you'd want to stay that way, not just for yourself but for others.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 17-Jul-23 13:56:22


Did you have an adverse reaction to the former vaccinations?

If so, I would phone and ask which vaccine they will be using, and explain you had a bad reaction to the last one.

I have had no adverse reactions either to the Covid vaccine or the pnuemonia or flu ones, so you can bet I shall say "Yes please, " if offered boosters this autumn.

NanaDana Mon 17-Jul-23 14:01:44

We've both had our Spring Covid boosters, but no news yet about the Autumn ones. I guess we'll be advised in due course, as we're both over 75, and DH is immuno-suppressed. However, we're both already booked in for flu jabs in mid September.

BlueBelle Mon 17-Jul-23 14:16:42

Winter booster in July is that going to last 8 months till March/ April next year
I won’t refuse it but not expecting it before October time
None are on offer around here

Oldbat1 Mon 17-Jul-23 14:38:17

Dh is immunosuppressed and only had another booster at end of June so we dont expect a winter booster until Oct time when the flu jag is due.

Jnan Mon 17-Jul-23 16:20:21

Thank you all for replies. I've just booked for it in September. I've had mild COVID in the past and am in reasonable good health, I was just a bit anxious at having another covid injection, overthinking it probably. You all made me remember we are lucky to have a vaccine. Always a bit nervous but sure it will be fine as on the other occasions. Thank you all again.

Jnan Mon 17-Jul-23 16:21:55

Sorry for covid in capital letters - my predict text does that. 🙄

MayBee70 Mon 17-Jul-23 16:28:30

Have booked our flu jab for September but Boots say they don’t know what’s happening covid jab wise.

MissChateline Mon 17-Jul-23 16:31:22

I’m taking part in a medical trial which uses an older and a new type of Covid vaccine. I won’t know which one I will receive. I have to log on a daily basis any reactions to it. Blood tests for antibodies are taken regularly. I will get this done later this week. It will be recorded on my NHS app. I’m really quite curious and taking part in medical research is fun and some extra cash.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 17-Jul-23 16:44:36

I don’t see why anyone would be unsure about having the covid vaccine unless they had suffered extremely bad side effects. Covid is still around and the benefit of previous jabs has a limited life. I won’t hesitate when I’m offered it, same as annual flu jab.

Norah Mon 17-Jul-23 16:56:30

We'll be first in line, when offered.

Whiff Sun 30-Jul-23 21:36:34

Already booked my flu jab for September as soon as I know when I can have my Covid jab then will book that.

I don't know if I miss heard this or not but I think I heard that 65+ can get shingles jab this autumn instead of waiting to be 70. No idea if this is correct🤷

Ziplok Sun 30-Jul-23 21:42:40

Yes, that’s right Whiff. It was advertised last night on the tv, plus I heard about it on one of those morning programmes one day this week.

As regards the covid vax, I’ll certainly have it when it’s offered, along with the flu jab. As soon as I’m eligible for the shingles vax, I’ll have that, too.

Arlme Sun 30-Jul-23 21:43:51

Yes Whiff I heard that too. I’m 67.

yogitree Tue 01-Aug-23 09:02:02

Oh, that means in Sept/Oct I will have Covid booster, flu and shingles jab if they change the rules like Whiff says. I hope my body can handle all that!

Southgan Thu 12-Oct-23 10:43:32

Is it just me that’s angry I can’t get the Covid booster? I’m 62 and have been offered all the previous vaccines. I can’t even get a flu vaccine as they’ve raised the age for that too.