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Anti virals/treatment for immuno suppressed

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Cadenza123 Fri 05-Jan-24 10:50:39

My friend qualifies according to the government website but her GP surgery don't seem to know anything about them. How has anyone based in England been able to obtain a prescription for treatment for COVID lately?

annodomini Fri 05-Jan-24 11:44:05

When my DiL, who has MS, had a bad bout of Covid, DS phoned 111, who contacted the GP who immediately provided the anti-viral medication. That was closer to the beginning of the pandemic, so I don't know how efficient the response would be now.

Dickens Fri 05-Jan-24 13:06:34

Click on the Your local integrated care board (ICB) option for advice (about half way down).

Apologies if you've already done this.

Cadenza123 Fri 05-Jan-24 13:08:36

That's brilliant, thanks for the advice

Dickens Fri 05-Jan-24 14:56:45


That's brilliant, thanks for the advice

Good luck to your friend!

I had to look for the information- I am CEV and spent yesterday afternoon with someone who's just tested Positive.

I shall turn round in five more minutes to look at the test result... eek!

But at least I know where to start.

I'm surprised her surgery didn't know anything about the anti-virals... it's supposed to be integrated care!

Marydoll Fri 05-Jan-24 15:27:02

There are two tpes of anti- virals, tablet and infusion. Tablets are not suitable for some patients. You friend needs to act quickly, as they have to be administered within a short time frame.
I had an infusion in hospital after a telephone discussion with a clinician.

In Scotland there is a designated phone number or you can phone 111, who
will help.

I hope your friend is O.K.

Ali23 Fri 05-Jan-24 15:38:41

(England NHS)
We called 111 for my DH it took 3 goes, and each time they said they couldn’t see whether he had already been referred so they referred him for a phone call. We understood that he needed this phone call within 72 hours. It came a 70 hours and from then on it was plain sailing.

I must say that the individuals were trying their best, but the system is limping badly. But we were grateful for the outcome.
Day 20 now and he’s still testing positive but has far fewer symptoms than I do.

Ali23 Fri 05-Jan-24 15:40:04

Good luck 🤞

Cadenza123 Fri 05-Jan-24 17:32:48

Well, just spoke to my friend and she's been all around the houses twice and still hasn't got a prescription. She's been assessed and definitely qualifies. Healthcare is definitely not integrated here. Thanks again for the responses.

Marydoll Fri 05-Jan-24 19:31:08

Gosh I hope she gets it sorted.

Here in Glasgow if tablets, rather than infusion are needed, the medication is delivered by courier to your home.

Does your friend have a consultant, she can contact for help?

Dickens Fri 05-Jan-24 20:35:22


Well, just spoke to my friend and she's been all around the houses twice and still hasn't got a prescription. She's been assessed and definitely qualifies. Healthcare is definitely not integrated here. Thanks again for the responses.

It's absurd, isn't it.

I received a long-winded letter from the NHS last year explaining how it had all been 'set-up' for those who were eligible for the anti-virals - with instructions step-by-step of how to go about getting them, how to test first, etc, etc.

My test was NEGATIVE but my symptoms are worsening by the hour so I'll be doing another test later.

Judging by your friend's experiences, I'm not confident.

My partner is disabled and I am his carer, we have no family to rely on here and the friends who I could rely on are down with the damned virus.

I think I'm going to slope off to bed and just hope for the best. At least after dinner - I still have an appetite and assume that's a good sign!

Cadenza123 Sat 06-Jan-24 10:55:15

Antivirals are arriving today. Hope you are soon feeling better. I do find it worrying that it's so difficult to navigate what should be a simple process but now.

Grand2dogs Sat 06-Jan-24 12:05:01

Hi Cadenza123 in a word “yes” I caught it in October, and a right carry on it was too. My instructions were to ring my Consultant (secretary) first, if no good then GP, if both those failed 111. The system has changed dramatically. I caught it in 2022, I contacted Consultant Sectaries they rang NHS England, they contacted me and the following day I went in for Monoclonal Antibody treatment by drip. Sorted! This time Secretary called back to tell me I was eligible but not on the NHS Postcode System, to ring GP, they told me not entitled, rang 111 they said go to A&E, they hadn’t a clue, waited 6 hours to be told, yes we have the treatment, yes your eligible but can’t give you it until your on a high dependency ward which in fact was total rubbish because you should have it to stop you going on a high dependency ward. He then told me to ring 119 at 9am, they are not open on Saturday and don’t do it anyway. (He wants 35% pay rise by the way) started deteriorating told to go to another hospital who told me they don’t do it. Rode it out until the Monday when NHS England rang to arrange antivirals because they had contacted GP to get a referral. To be honest I had broke its back but took them anyway. Tested negative after 10 days. My advice as many people as possible before it happens, and talk to your GP direct. Sorry it’s so drawn out but I wouldn’t want it to happen to you, I am fortunate I am a fit bloke but another chap who lives about 25 miles away had the same problems didn’t get antivirals and ended up on a ventilator. Thankfully now recovered. Take care.

Marydoll Sat 06-Jan-24 12:44:14

This post has made me fish out my recent letter from NHS Scotland, which informs me how to obtain free tests and access antivirals.
I will keep it handy, just in case.