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students coming home for xmas.

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Fennel Sun 18-Oct-20 12:11:44

Many universities have had cases of the virus. Some have put their students in quarantine. Who knows for how long?
Many GN members will have experience of this, if not personally, but their next generations.
Any ideas how to cope?
We have a student grandson aged 19. His parents, our son and Dil are stuck in Thailand, working there. The other grandfather has been very helpful up to now, but now is worried about the health risks. Our grandson doesn't want to stay with us ( no bad feelings) and we're elderly too.
Also illegal .
His sister, aged 17, is at boarding school here so faces the same problem.
Should their parents give up their jobs and return to the UK?
It might be possible, but expensive.
Or should they risk leaving the 2 teenagers to stay in a flat over the hols? hmm

LauraNorder Sun 18-Oct-20 12:14:38

Gosh that’s a dilemma. Sorry can’t help but wish you all luck.

Toadinthehole Sun 18-Oct-20 12:22:06

What would the plans have been before Covid?

MamaCaz Sun 18-Oct-20 12:27:38

Could sister join brother in his accommodation for Christmas?

I don't think they are too young to do that, though covid restrictions might make it difficult if the boy is in shared accommodation. If he isn't, and he is in effect a single person, it could be a legitimate 'bubble', couldn't it?

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 12:29:27

It's clearly a job for the parents I'd have thought.

Fennel Sun 18-Oct-20 12:44:45

Ellan - thats the right thing to do. We haven't spoken to them recently, so hopefully they have planned ahead.
I also posted this because other people will have to face a similar problem and I'm wondering how they will cope.
I know they've thought about the 2 teens in their flat but are concerned that the boy isn't responsible enough.

Hithere Sun 18-Oct-20 12:56:36

I bet your gc are talking to their parents about it.

We are talking about 19 and 17, not young teens, not 11 and 13.

I bet living here without the parents has made them grow and mature faster.

So should the parents give up their job and come back?
No, I don't think so. There are many other solutions that are not that drastic.
Maturity is also a subjective concept and it means different things to you than to your gc

The parents were ok with them being I'm Asia while the kids are in Europe.

Please have some confidence in your gc's skills - they are better equipped to face life than you think.

Starblaze Sun 18-Oct-20 12:57:15

I want my son at uni home for Christmas, I don't know if that will be allowed right now. I think he is pretty resilient and if they can't come home he and his roomates will celebrate and maybe do some sort of secret santa. They occasionally get together and cook a Sunday roast.

Currently we know there are 2 positive tests among them and are waiting to see if he gets poorly. He was poorly last week, so maybe it's already over with for him.

Doesn't make any of it any easier really. I wish we were all together.

Hithere Sun 18-Oct-20 13:11:52

With them being in Asia, sorry for autocorrect

Oopsminty Sun 18-Oct-20 13:15:11

I don't think the parents should come back

Let them get a flat. They are definitely old enough smile

Doodledog Sun 18-Oct-20 13:36:50

I don’t think the parents need to come back, but I think I would want to in their position. I can’t imagine leaving my children to get on with it at Christmas in a pandemic at that age, but obviously I don’t know the circumstances.

As someone upthread has asked - what would they have done pre-Covid?

Fennel Sun 18-Oct-20 16:27:18

Thanks for the replies.
we managed to speak to our son on WhatsApp this pm and they've obviously discussed it. He said it's impossible to return to UK now. But our Gson at university can stay there over the hols. i'm sure he'll enjoy that!
Our grand daughter will stay in the flat, which is just round the corner from the other grandparents.
So many difficult adjustments to be made.

Hithere Sun 18-Oct-20 17:41:52


Why do you have such a pessimistic view? This may be an easy adjustment and way to find new ways to enjoy xmas.

Hetty58 Sun 18-Oct-20 17:47:08

Teenagers of 19 and 17 are quite old enough to look after themselves, surely. I left home and was independent at 17 - so I'm sure they'll cope!

Hetty58 Sun 18-Oct-20 17:49:43

My mother, being the eldest child, was left to look after the house and animals (in London) when the family were evacuated. Bombs were falling all around - she was just eighteen!