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Has anyone been to the Turner Centre in Margate?

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fluffy Thu 19-May-11 12:19:43

I went to the newly opened Turner Centre in Margate recently - would be interested to hear what other people think of it. I thought the actual gallery was good but needs more in it - especially more Turners!

GadaboutGran Wed 05-Oct-11 19:03:21

I've only just seen your message. I went to Margate in August mainly to see the gallery. Rather like you I was disappointed by it's emptiness, unlike the excellent new Hepworth Wakefield I visited later in the month. I don't think I really expected to see many Turners though.

The building from the inside was good - especially the view out of the big window and the reflections of reflections. However, like many modern galleries it was a case of design over content. I struggled with the small font, dim lights and signage. It took me ages to work out which door led to the loo. I didn't find the staff that helpful either. The cafe was nice but expensive - I did treat myself to a really lovely knickerbocker glory. Not so sure about the exterior view but having read the reasons for the design I can begin to understand it.

People in the town I spoke to about it's role in regenerating Margate said it is making a difference which I'm pleased about but I think both Margate & Fokestone ( I went to the Triennial too) have an awful long way to go.

Jeany Thu 20-Oct-11 21:44:00

When I went last month there was a really foul smell all around the building and in the coffee area outside.

fluffy Fri 09-Dec-11 18:30:17

Only just seen these replies. I have to say I went again and it seemed better second time round- and the Rodin was there. There was no smell at the time - but I have heard other people mention this. I think they are doing some work on the harbour arm which is closed at the moment. When it opens again I recommend a lovely cafe/restaurant on the harbour arm called 'Be beached' - great locally sourced food - lets hope the smells gone by then!

I went to Folkestone triennial too - I was v impressed by Folkestone - new restaurant there called Saltrock i think - must try it - have heard good things about.