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Your favourite music

103 BetseyBuran99

Art on telly!


Philosophical ideas to get through hard times

277 Gossamerbeynon1945

No more topless Cliff Richard calendars

38 Puzzler61

Isle of Wight, 50 years ago - FIFTY wow time flies

15 Maggiemaybe

Cultural change revealed

8 Alegrias


5 Oopsadaisy4

Zoe Ball's pay has increased by £1m. Don't tell the over 75's.

31 grannyrebel7

I won't back down - Tom Petty

12 pinkquartz

White Rabbits anyone?

13 BBbevan

National anthems

16 BradfordLass73

An anthem for the babyboomers

9 Chewbacca

Ode to Joy - from lockdown

6 Tillypuppy

Banksy .... another brilliant work

14 henetha

Programme about classical pianists

8 Fennel

Songs that make you smile [smile]

20 CherryCezzy

Virtual museums

3 JackyB

children's playground games

3 CherryCezzy

If you fancy an online sing with Gareth Malone..

2 SirChenjin

Marquee TV

1 Floradora9

The Met opera to stream operas next week for free

1 Floradora9

holding collar for funeral - Superstition?

35 BBbevan

Favourite poems

28 BlueSapphire


4 Disneyfan

New Banksy appeared today

6 Nortsat46

James Galway at the BBC

6 BlueSapphire

Long shot! Magazine story from ` Jackie` years ago! Hardly culture but...

58 natasha1

Julian and Sandy

29 suzette1613

Rudolf Nureyev

11 Dinahmo

Ginger Baker

23 Nortsat46

Al Stewart

8 Dinahmo

Remembrance Poem

6 callgirl1

They fuck you up your mum and dad (Phillip Larkin)

122 Greyduster

Trying to remember a tune

15 TammyMowry

Emily Zamourka

1 rosecarmel

The death of the possessive its

121 trisher

Who could not be moved by these young people ?

3 ninathenana

Forget about politica

6 BradfordLass72

Come from away

2 GrannyLiv

Blaydon Races.

10 Judy54

Buying art

94 MawBroonsback

Leonardo exhibition

6 Greyduster

Does anyone remember this children's cassette?

4 rosecarmel

Padstow 'Obby 'Oss

5 Jacinta55

Anyone know these folk songs?

10 BradfordLass72

All is true

21 Namsnanny

New swear words—really good ones

74 HildaW

Folk Songs, Billy Boy

29 Fennel

How about a GN virtual sing a long?

86 BradfordLass72

What are you listening to?

27 EllanVannin