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Great rock music on tv at the moment

10 paddyann54

Word Processing for Writers - best programme?

14 NotTooOld

Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman

8 LadyHonoriaDedlock

Have you got a favourite poem?

107 LOUISA1523

The Lark Ascending

27 Wyllow3

Alan Rankine, musical genius, has died.

12 Lomo123

Virtual art group Producing art using the Paint program

71 FannyCornforth

Freedoms from Want - Reith Lecture - Darren McGarvey

5 blossom14

About Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's BBC Reith Lecture....

2 Blossoming

Joe Lycett

199 JaneJudge

Tate Britain - Hew Locke installation 'The Procession'

5 Riverwalk

Raymond Briggs RIP ??

38 harrysgran

Huh, I could have made that!

195 Grammy666

Learning Esperanto using Duolingo

16 TerriBull

Pam does it again

8 Namsnanny

Trinity College Music Exam Past Papers

7 Georgesgran

Virtual cruise from Mainz along the river Main

337 Germanshepherdsmum

Venice and the river Po, a virtual cruise

148 MissAdventure

Bishopsgate Institute- any info gratefully received!

5 ixion

A virtual journey from Bamberg to Venice

15 volver

Virtual cruise from Venice along the river Po with the option to learn some Italian

268 Chewbacca

A discussion of the possibility of an enhanced virtual cruise

98 eGJ

Jolly dances from around a century ago

6 StarDreamer

Prynhawn da

7 StarDreamer

plays where the actors can't do the accent

81 MawtheMerrier

West Side Story

28 Blossoming

A previously unknown Van Gogh work of art has been discovered

2 Grandmadinosaur

John Cleese and Andrew Graham Dixon

358 Galaxy

Slovenian music, songs and language

15 StarDreamer

Middlewich Boat and Folk Festival 16-19 June 2022

8 MayBee70

Stonehenge exhibition

2 M0nica

Remembrance Poem

8 grannyactivist

Philosophical ideas to get through hard times

283 trisher

No more topless Cliff Richard calendars

81 Ladyleftfieldlover

Collecting art

17 Sago

The Ghosts of St. George's Church in the Czech Republic

2 DanniRae

Sing a Song of Sixpence

4 Kim19

Mamma Mia

6 mgmusic

Art Programme Back

11 Andrian35

Popular songs about love

201 Trisha57

If you fancy an online sing with Gareth Malone..

3 Powlowski

Virtual museums

6 toscalily

romantic memoeies

4 JennyNotFromTheBlock

Carole King’s Tapestry

39 grannyactivist

Membership for English Heritage, National Trust etc

8 Septimia

Favourite poems

30 stephenfryer

Has anyone sung or heard ‘Messiah’ quite recently?

9 MiniMoon

Your favourite music

103 BetseyBuran99

Art on telly!


Isle of Wight, 50 years ago - FIFTY wow time flies

15 Maggiemaybe