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Philosophical ideas to get through hard times

89 Dawn22

If you fancy an online sing with Gareth Malone..

2 SirChenjin

Marquee TV

1 Floradora9

Cultural change revealed

1 Alexa

The Met opera to stream operas next week for free

1 Floradora9

Your favourite music

91 Fennel

holding collar for funeral - Superstition?

35 BBbevan

Favourite poems

28 BlueSapphire

Songs that make you smile [smile]

11 Buffybee


4 Disneyfan

New Banksy appeared today

6 Nortsat46

James Galway at the BBC

6 BlueSapphire

Long shot! Magazine story from ` Jackie` years ago! Hardly culture but...

58 natasha1

Julian and Sandy

29 suzette1613

Rudolf Nureyev

11 Dinahmo

Ginger Baker

23 Nortsat46

Al Stewart

8 Dinahmo

Remembrance Poem

6 callgirl1

They fuck you up your mum and dad (Phillip Larkin)

122 Greyduster

Trying to remember a tune

15 TammyMowry

Emily Zamourka

1 rosecarmel

The death of the possessive its

121 trisher

Who could not be moved by these young people ?

3 ninathenana

Forget about politica

6 BradfordLass72

Come from away

2 GrannyLiv

Blaydon Races.

10 Judy54

Buying art

94 MawBroonsback

Leonardo exhibition

6 Greyduster

Does anyone remember this children's cassette?

4 rosecarmel

Padstow 'Obby 'Oss

5 Jacinta55

Anyone know these folk songs?

10 BradfordLass72

All is true

21 Namsnanny

New swear words—really good ones

74 HildaW

Folk Songs, Billy Boy

29 Fennel

How about a GN virtual sing a long?

86 BradfordLass72

What are you listening to?

27 EllanVannin

New Year Poem

18 Gonegirl

Messiah streaming live now (the music, not Him)

5 EllanVannin

music that makes you smile

99 tiredoldwoman

Yvonne Lyon Enjoy not Endure

5 Atqui

Is cultural tradition overrated?

74 maytime2

The Proms!

17 goldengirl

RIP Dame Gillian Lynne

18 eazybee

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

11 Grandma70s

Classical music

32 gulligranny

Poetry - Wendell Berry

12 Bathsheba

Leaving The National Trust

65 NfkDumpling

The Choir

3 Greyduster

Nordic toy exhibition

2 AyjayF

Irish folk song.

8 mcem