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Can anyone tune a ukelele?

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Notsogrand Wed 18-Jan-12 21:30:43

I'm very new to this! I have an electronic tuner, but still can't fathom it. If I pluck string G and the tuner registers C...does it need to be higher or lower? Looser or tighter? G C E A is the tuning sequence. Which is the highest or lowest? Been at it an hour, twiddling knobs all over the place.
I don't really know what questions to ask. confused

Maybe I should join a paper and comb band.

bagitha Wed 18-Jan-12 21:41:33

There's a ukelele tuner online here that might be helpful:

Annika Wed 18-Jan-12 21:46:10

tune a ukelele ? I can't even spell it grin

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jan-12 22:05:37

Thanks bagitha, that site is helpful because it shows the notes going up and down in a I can see which way I'm chasing!
Youngest gs played with it yesterday and twiddled the tuning knobs miles away from where they should have been.
Being tone deaf doesn't help. grin

GoldenGran Wed 18-Jan-12 22:11:35

Notso I can't answer that question, but I gave DH a ukelele for Christmas along with a tuner, and Ukelele for Dummies. He has never played an instrument in his life , but with both of these aids is doing very well! I will ask him you question.

GoldenGran Wed 18-Jan-12 22:13:31

He says tighter- it needs to be higher .smile

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jan-12 22:22:26

Thanks Golden and Mr G! I've never played an instrument or read a note of music either!
Off to Amazon now to order Ukelele for Dummies.

There is always somebody on Gransnet who knows something about nearly everything!

Love it!

GoldenGran Wed 18-Jan-12 22:24:30

Enjoy it Notso I want a ukelele myself now, DH loves it.

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jan-12 22:30:00

They are great fun! My copy of Ukes for Dumies is on its way!
Maybe we can accompany the Gransnet Christmas carol recording this year? grin

GoldenGran Wed 18-Jan-12 22:32:25

Great idea Notso. I have to say after a rocky start, DH is making a really nice sound now on the uke--I want one!

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jan-12 22:39:15

Then you'll be able to make lovely music together!

I joined a uke band 2 weeks ago. Someone there tuned it, I just strummed and sang...had the best fun! I'm hoping to improve on that position fairly soon!

Any uke bands near you? Could Mr G start one?

yogagran Wed 18-Jan-12 22:48:48

I can hear George Formby now . . . .

GoldenGran Thu 19-Jan-12 16:53:25

We are looking into it Notso. Have you heard The Ukelel Orchestra of Great Britain, they are fabulous, and seeing them is what gave DH his enthusiasm.

Notsogrand Thu 19-Jan-12 17:15:27

That's what started me off Golden, I just love the Uke Orchestra! DD3 was inspired enough by them to get herself a uke about a year ago, but hasn't really used it. Then last January a group set up near me to do 'jammimg' and I've been following their progress on Facebook. During the year they did all sorts of 'gigs' at old people's homes, summer fetes, Christmas shopping events etc. So I brought my daughter's uke back with me after Christmas, and 2 weeks ago, attended my first 'jam'. Another one tonight and we're doing a 60's set. grin (Still haven't managed to tune it properly, but when my Dummies book arrives I'll be cooking with gas!)

GoldenGran Thu 19-Jan-12 17:20:52

We must find a session, sound great.grin

PoppaRob Fri 20-Jan-12 02:39:50

Just a tip... the best size uke to buy is the tenor. It's 17" scale length compared to 13 1/2" for the little sopranos so you have a bit more room to move. Generally the sopranos that sell for a few dollars/pounds are crap (although you can buy very good ones too). Look for the brands Mahalo and Oscar Schmidt... both are well made Asian instruments that will keep you going until you get UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) and start spending far too much money of ukes you don't really need but they're so cool so you buy them anyway! smile

Ariadne Fri 20-Jan-12 03:48:34

I heard the most amazing ukelele orchestra in New Orleans last summer, when we were at a conference. When I saw them advertised on the programme I was very sceptical, but they were good, and funny too.