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I love this

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Greatnan Sat 28-Jan-12 15:03:50

Greatnan Sat 28-Jan-12 15:06:46

But I don't know how to post it without putting the address in the address bar!

JessM Sat 28-Jan-12 15:19:21

Um, tick the box at the bottom of the box you type in where it says "convert links automatically" - I think that is what you are asking...

bagitha Sat 28-Jan-12 15:29:13

Thank you, greatnan! A truly amazing performance! The control! WOW.

JessM Sat 28-Jan-12 15:39:03

OMG. I saw the Chinese Circus once. They keep on trying to outdo themselves.
No way that was not painful for yr man though!

Greatnan Sat 28-Jan-12 16:09:23

Thanks, bagitha, I saw it too late! I just cannot believe the control that the ballerina has.
There is another clip on Youtube with a one legged male dancer which is equally rivetting.

Mishap Sat 28-Jan-12 20:43:14

Speaking as one who can hardly balance to wash my feet in the shower, I am mind-boggled!
Can it be good for them I wonder?

Greatnan Sun 29-Jan-12 05:24:08

I am sure it is not good for them! I believe most ballet dancers end up with painful and deformed feet.

bagitha Sun 29-Jan-12 06:54:44

Here's one of my wacky "morning" ideas: I always think of cheetahs when I see ballet dancers or acrobats (they are both in the sketch above!) pushing the boundaries like that. Cheetahs push the survival boundaries in a constant evolutionary race just to catch their food. These phenomenal dancers are going to the limits of what is possible for a certain little ape. They are astoundingly beautiful and utterly impressive. I find them awesome. Having been a dancer myself, I know how hard it is to achieve that amount of control. I daresay they've been doing it since they were tots, but still.....

Thrilling. Wonderful. Amazing. Makes you proud to be human.

bagitha Sun 29-Jan-12 07:19:05

I wonder how they cope with the psychological pressure to perform perfectly mental stress of it all that seems to have been too much for Polunin:

bagitha Sun 29-Jan-12 07:19:49