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MaggieP Thu 05-Apr-12 22:54:02

Today DH and I went to the Royal Academy to see the magnificent Exhibition by David Hockney. His huge paintings of Yorkshire, such vivid colours, some on grid system, some done on his iPad first of all!
It's been a huge success and we are so glad we had tickets, there were some very cold folk in long queues outside prepared to wait several hours to get in...
Have you been too?

Humbertbear Thu 19-Apr-12 20:49:18

We were fortunate enough to get tickets for a private view via the Radio Times. We paid over the odds but didn't queue and got wine as well. It was one of the most uplifting exhibitions we have ever been to. It was simply wonderful and I would have liked to go again. I have bought my partner the book for his birthday and I am inspired to have a go on my iPad.

Seventimesfive Thu 19-Apr-12 21:29:49

I live in London and am a friend of the Tate so get to go to exhibitions free. I went to this three times, taking friends, and found it energising and enjoyed it more each time. The effect is still continuing, as I am seeing details and colour more vividly and am still carrying a sense of joy as the spring unfolds even in the heart of the city.

glammanana Thu 19-Apr-12 22:30:02

envy to you

glassortwo Thu 19-Apr-12 22:44:22

Well you are going to think I am really dense, hmm but I was in York for a few days just before Easter and in the Station bought one of those maps that have all the attractions on.

Well it advertised the Hockney Exhibition on at the moment so I dragged my two sisters as I was desperate to see it. Arrived wandered all over and could not find the exhibition, I was really disappointed but we went off and did something else.

A couple of days after we got home I was emptying my handbag and found the map opened it to look for something else and my eyes found the date on the exhibition ..... the map was 12months out of date confused

glassortwo Thu 19-Apr-12 22:47:11

And with that confession I am off to bed grin night all.

glammanana Thu 19-Apr-12 22:48:26

Did you ever tell me you where blonde ? smile

glassortwo Fri 20-Apr-12 11:19:28

No glamma not unless grey roots is the new blonde grin

FlicketyB Fri 20-Apr-12 16:26:56

I have been up to the David Hockney exhibition and had very mixed feelings about his landscapes. To quote the old nursery rhyme I thought that when he was good he was very very good but when he was bad he was dreadful. One of his four seasons paintings had trees that looked like pieces of broccoli but there were several DH and I wanted to rollup and take home with us.