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AlisonMA Sat 08-Sep-12 09:29:23

We have recently heard that DS3's fiancee has been chosen to dance the lead role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake in October. I am so thrilled for her as she is very talented and works extremely hard. She also has a lovely personality and I love her to bits. She is only a soloist so this is an important step in her career.

Just a note because a previous post suggested there might still be racism in ballet, she is mixed race.

Nanadogsbody Sat 08-Sep-12 09:50:47

Alison thrilled at your good news.

tanith Sat 08-Sep-12 10:15:24

Nice to hear good news for a change good luck in her new role .

Bags Sat 08-Sep-12 10:17:28

That's great, alison! Good luck to her and well done.

Butternut Sat 08-Sep-12 10:45:57

Oh my goodness, Alison - that's lovely news. No wonder you're thrilled. All the very best to your son's fiancee.

Faye Sat 08-Sep-12 10:53:24

Wonderful news Alison I bet you are thrilled!

nanaej Sat 08-Sep-12 10:54:35

How lovely..what company? I will look out if it is a possibility to go to..have friends who would love to take their DGD (also mixed race and a keen little ballerina).. so would be good to see a positive role model!

AlisonMA Sat 08-Sep-12 11:50:54

nanaej its the matinee on 5th October at the Birmingham Hippodrome. I don't know if she will be doing any more but that will be her debut and as you can imagine I will be there with a proud smile!

AlisonMA Sat 08-Sep-12 12:04:39

Thanks all of you. I'm not given to boasting about my family but this is rather special isn't it? I am now waiting for them to promote her at the end of the season.

Bags Sat 08-Sep-12 12:19:16

It certainly is special. You're quite right to feel proud. I hope the performance goes really well.

Grannyknot Sat 08-Sep-12 13:50:31

How exciting for all of you. And such special ballet. flowers

gracesmum Sat 08-Sep-12 14:21:35

You have every right to boast!! This is exciting news!

Ella46 Sat 08-Sep-12 14:26:28

That is fantastic Alison well done to her! flowers

Marelli Sat 08-Sep-12 16:04:05

That's lovely, Alison! I'm going to see Swan Lake in November....but it isn't going to be in as grand a place at the Birmingham Hippodrome! Well done to the young lady. flowers

soop Sat 08-Sep-12 16:55:16

Alison Well done to the successful young ballerina. You've every reason to feel proud. smile

nanaej Sat 08-Sep-12 17:36:47

Alison will tell my friends..their son in law is from maybe a trip there is not out of the question.. could get a granny visit in too!

AlisonMA Sat 08-Sep-12 17:40:09

I am now at their house in Birmingham and have just been told about this link:

Quite a coincidence. My son has told the writer that Celine will be dancing Odette/Odile so with any luck he will review it.

Going to watch my son dance in Artsfest tonight.

Grannybug Sat 08-Sep-12 18:32:37

Alison that is wonderful. I love the ballet and am going to the Hippodrome to see Cinderella in December. Congratulation and may it be the beginning of a glittering future for her. You must also be so proud of your son. Enjoy tonight. smile

nanaej Sat 08-Sep-12 19:36:48

I watched the rehearsal clips! She is lovely!

Ella46 Sat 08-Sep-12 19:49:02

She is lovely indeed!

AlisonMA Sun 09-Sep-12 11:43:58

DS3 said he has watched the rehearsal of Swan Lake and that she is the best of all the casts. Of course he might be prejudiced!

Grannybug you will probably see them both but they haven't announced the casting yet. I have no doubt that she has a glittering future, she is a wonderful dancer who works hard and deserves success. She has been cast a lot as a hooker, stripper or whore which are so unlike her personality as she is the sweetest natured girl you could meet. I lok forward to seeing her do something so different.

BRB were a great success at Artsfest last night. There was a huge crowd and they loved the whole show and were yelling for more at the end. I genuinely do think my son was great too.