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Ansel Adams

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crimson Thu 08-Nov-12 13:42:23

Did anyone watch last night's Culture Show? There was a mention of an exhibition in London of work by the Amercan photographer Ansel Adams. I can't seem to do a link to them, but the photographs are beautiful [many of them of Yosemite]. I've also found a Ric Burns documentary about him but I can't get it to load; this is very frustrating as Ric Burns is, imo the best documentary maker in the world.

whenim64 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:07:36

Shame I missed that. I've seen lots of his wonderful work at the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. My late sister learnt lots about photography from his work. Must have a look what is on the internet about ths exhibition, as I've no prospect of seeing it in London.

crimson Thu 08-Nov-12 16:42:29

There are a lot of interesting programmes on a site called American Experience, but I can't play anything from it. The Ric Burns documentary is on that site. There was only a brief mention of the exhibition on The Culture Show; I'm hoping that someone might show something in more depth. He certainly was a master of his trade; there is a book of his work but it's about £50. Perhaps it's time I used my local library!