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The Sapphires - film

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JessM Sun 11-Nov-12 07:25:15

Went to see this new Australian film last night. If you loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Strictly Ballroom you will probably love this.
Based on a true story of some young women from an Aboriginal Australian background (I am never quite sure what the right terminology is...) The thorny undercurrent is racial discrimination. It is set in that pivotal year - 1968 when King got shot and there was rioting in the US an Paris. (Their people only got the vote in 1962 - and that was imposed by the Commonwealth)
They form a Supremes-style girl band and go off to Vietnam to sing to the troops.
Girls aged 8 up and anyone who remembers that "Tamla Motown" music will love it. (They call it "soul" but my memory is that we used to call it Motown. Upsetting moments don't last long, and then there is a song.
Chris O'Dowd (most unlikely heart-throb of our age) plays the manager.
Good acting all round. And I laughed. (As usual more often, and louder than most other people there. They just don't get the jokes round here...)
Nice date movie. Or take your mum, your daughter or your granddaughter if you can.

JessM Sun 11-Nov-12 10:17:16

Bumping this - go and see it while it is in the pics!

crimson Sun 11-Nov-12 10:39:25

It's on the front cover of our cinema guide for November so on the tick list of films to see [there are some cracking good films out at the moment]. Did you see the programme about girl singers on BBC4 t'other night [it was a repeat]. Dusty Springfield was very instrumental in bringing Tamla Motown music to these shores; I didn't know that. I've never seen 'Priscilla'; may have it on video somewhere; am I right in thinkng Terence Stamp is in it [remember him way back; sigh]? I never forgave Strictly Ballroom for winning the Oscar for best music when Last of the Mohicans should have won that year. On the subjiect of Australian films, anyone seen Red Dog?

JessM Sun 11-Nov-12 12:39:03

Never seen Priscilla!!! Stamp as a drag queen???? Abba numbers in drag the outback?????
You gotta crimson!

crimson Sun 11-Nov-12 13:23:44

Having stayed up half the night listening to Australian radio last week I'm in an Australian mindset at the mo. Weather forescasts saying 'a little bit of preticipation out on the horizon'; adverts for 'Peter the Possum Man' who sings 'I'll catch'em as best I can tiddlepom'; and racing terms such as 'best roughie', 'ran a cheeky race' and 'gassed out'. All the horses seemed to be called Sheila's something or other and even the commentator was called 'Bruce'.It was one long cliche.

JessM Sun 11-Nov-12 16:45:18

I'm guessing it was not the cricket you were listening to crimson grin
The worst ever Australian film I saw was Australia. We went to see it in the lovely refurbished-for-lord-of-ther-rings-premier cinema in Wellington. Huge screen
DH, DS and various mates of DS.
We all spent the whole movie trying not to laugh at it and not with it. I don't think there were any jokes in it. It kept changing genre (cowboy, epic, war... at one point I thought Mr Jackman was going to grow hair and turn into an X Man again). And La Kidman totally awful as supposedly aristocratic English lady.
Too big a budget we concluded.

crimson Sun 11-Nov-12 17:24:55

I actually liked the first half of Australia; but then, just as I thought the film was about to finish, it started up again and got worse and worse.

BAnanas Sun 11-Nov-12 17:28:30

I really want to see this film, I also want to see Ben' Affleck's Argo, I hope they're are both on for the next couple of weeks, as I wont be able to see two films in the same week. It's annoying when smaller films are only run for a week before they disappear, especially when a load of drivel can sometimes be be on for weeks and weeks.

JessM Sun 11-Nov-12 17:28:42

Yes it kind of led you up the garden path didn't it.

crimson Sun 11-Nov-12 17:40:38

I think Argo will be on for a while. Wasn't something I particularly wanted to see but I've heard too many good reports. Tonight we're seeing Private Peaceful [I don't really want to go but the S.O. got it mixed up with another film], then we've got to fit in Ginger and Rosa, Rust and Bone and Argo, before he goes oop north for a few days.

crimson Sun 11-Nov-12 21:30:22

Blimey; glad I went now. interview before the film with Jack O'Connell, who plays Charlie Peaceful [I didn't know about this]. He was born a few miles from my village and has appeared [at the grand old age of 22] in Skins, The Bill, Doctors..a new'ish film with Michael Caine [the name of which I can't remember], Eden Lake, This is England etc etc. He's also agreed to be a patron of our cinema smile. Think he's going to be around for a long time and may become one of very few Derby people to be famous [Florence Nightingale and Cloughie being the only ones I can think of].

Joan Mon 12-Nov-12 07:19:19

I'm looking forward to seeing Sapphires - DH doesn't fancy it, just like he didn't fancy Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but I'll get to see it eventually. I always enjoy seeing Terence Stamp.

There have been some good Australian telly dramas: if you get the chance, and if you like very naughty boys, watch the series Rake if it comes to UK telly. It is about a lawyer who gets into every kind of bother possible. I loved it, DH hated it. We both are enjoying Devil's Dust, about the James Hardie industry's cover up of asbestosis and mesathelioma. Men died before their time in droves, after working with asbestos dust.

I refused to watch 'Australia' because I could tell it was full of hype and bovine excrement.

JessM Mon 12-Nov-12 07:21:11

Hi Joan your DH will probably enjoy looking at the pretty girls in mini skirts. Take him back to his youth? grin

jO5 Mon 12-Nov-12 10:20:19

How soon do films come out on dvd? I think my grandson would love The Sapphires.