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The Culture of Yoof

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janerowena Mon 23-Sep-13 12:15:38

Or is it the Anti-culture? Or am I just getting old? Well, probably. But it seems to me that no sooner has that awful baggy-crotched fashion gone out that a far worse one has taken its place - that of the crotch-grabber. For the uninitiated, it started in the USA and was swiftly adopted by Madonna in her dance routines, amongst others and now it is possible to see would-be gangstas walking down rural lanes with their hand firmly glued to their crotch. I dropped my son off in Cambridge at the weekend to start his Uni course and in expensive private halls, we were first greeted by the sight of a crotch-grabbing student. I hate it so much I felt like taking my son away! OH is of the opinion that the boy concerned won't meet many like-minded boys in Cambridge so will soon grow out of it, but I worry that the trend will spread further, instead. If I see my son doing it he will get a very hard slap for the first time in 7 years, when I caught him cutting pretty patterns in his school trousers!