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Why Movember isn't all it's cracked up to be

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thatbags Wed 04-Dec-13 08:04:38

by Arianne Shahvis in New Statesman.

Grannyknot Wed 04-Dec-13 08:21:49

Yeah this view has been kicked around the office a bit this year. The article is a bit heavy on the subject.

Moustaches (and beards) are very popular in SA (where I grew up), I don't see those men feeling ridiculed or marginalised, they'd probably just add a little 'soul patch' for Movember and ask for extra money. That's what it is all about, raising awareness and raising money.

Perhaps Arianne can have a go at the Shelter Christmas jumper campaign too. I've never worn or owned one in my life, doesn't feature in my frame of reference. But they want to do it at work, and we all eat cake, so I'll go and buy a £10 one from Tesco and wear it on the day.

Granny23 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:18:52

In answer to the 'what do you want to do when you grow up' question my 6yo DGS usually replies 'grow a beard'. This may well be because his Dad, both his Grandpas and both his Uncles have full beards. Which may also explain why I cannot connect with the allegations re various 'isms' in this article, as I view face fungus as normal and not unusual in any strand of male society. I have always been glad that moustaches & beards are not part of female culture - can you imagine the hassle of cultivating and grooming them and the numerous variations which would come into and out of fashion with the seasons. Should facial hair match or contrast with head hair, is pleating SO last year, is beard jewellery a clip too far, why you should not use your usual shampoo on your beard, is 8" a bit too much? grin

Ana Wed 04-Dec-13 13:31:46

grin What a wonderful thought, Granny23! "Celebrity beards", "The hazards of dining out with this year's must-have droopy moustache", "Facial hairnets to keep your 'do' in place all night..." grin

annodomini Wed 04-Dec-13 13:46:22

I have sent this link to DS1 who grew a very forbidding face fungus during the said month and if his reaction is printable, I will report back. He and his colleagues raised a good sum.

grannyactivist Wed 04-Dec-13 13:57:18

Oh dear - better cancel the 'women only' Race for Life then; so exclusive. And of course a pink bra may cause offense so better ban those too. And there's breastfeeding - gosh, better stop doing that because men can't do it and it is therefore inherently sexist is it not?

Nonu Wed 04-Dec-13 14:07:44

I applaud people who raise money for charity . Whatever form it takes !