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Burt Bacharach

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shabby Sun 27-Jul-14 11:53:13

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Burt Bacharach in concert at the Royal Festival Hall last night. No star turns just an amazing band and orchestra, three superb singers and the man himself showcasing his fantastic music. Can't believe he is 86 years old and was on stage for 2 hours 20 mins without a break. One of the best gigs ever and a memory to cherish.

My personal favourite of his is The Look of Love (Jack Jones version) followed closely by On My Own (Pattie Labelle and Michael Mcdonald). Burt said his own favourite is Alfie which he sang himself last night - he has never had the best voice but the poignancy brought tears to my eyes. Do you like his music - what's your favourite song?

Eloethan Sun 27-Jul-14 12:39:53

Sounds a great concert, and amazing that he can still entertain at 86 years old.

Alfie is probably my favourite, closely followed by Close to You and Anyone Who Had a Heart.

kittylester Sun 27-Jul-14 13:58:03

'On my own' is probably my favourite but it could be something totally different in an hour or two. That one really makes me want to cry! grin

suebailey1 Sun 27-Jul-14 16:52:49

Oh yes love his whole song book - must have been a lovely night.

petra Sun 27-Jul-14 19:12:30

A House is not a home. The Brooke Benton Version.
And, I say a little prayer by the great Aretha Franklin.
And many many more.