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NfkDumpling Fri 12-Sep-14 19:20:38

(Not sure if it should go under the Culture heading)

Has anyone seen The Full Monty stage show? A friend and I have booked to go - with our DHs. Lunch and then matinee. Is it suitable for blokes? Or are they likely to be the only men there (apart from them on stage)?

Nanabelle Fri 12-Sep-14 23:07:06

From the original film version, I seem to remember it was mostly about men who were unemployed in difficult times, and how they dealt with the situation. Only the last bit that the women would get so excited about!!
I think you will all have a great time.

NfkDumpling Fri 12-Sep-14 23:21:54

It's the last bit I'm worried about! Still, there are two blokes!