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VirginiaGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 24-Mar-15 12:48:39

With a new wave of weird and wonderful themed cafes emerging across the UK - Porridge Cafe, Lady Dina's Cat Emporium, Dans le Noir (dinner in the dark anyone?), The Canvas (London's very first 'happy' cafe), and Cereal Killers to name a few, we wanted to know if you have ever had a bizarre 'themed' restaurant or cafe experience? Or perhaps your town has its very own themed venue? We'd love to know...

Teetime Tue 24-Mar-15 12:59:37

Its nothing but pork pies here with the odd bit of Stilton thrown in.

janerowena Tue 24-Mar-15 14:49:17

We decided to tour France a couple of years ago, and our first stop was Paris, where we rented the most beautiful flat that had belonged to a south-American diplomat, complete with baby grand to do his piano practice. It was on the Rue de Sebastopol, a wonderful base from which to explore Paris, but at 6am every morning a noisy lorry would arrive and have what sounded like tons and tons of glass tipped into it. We couldn't see what was underneath us from the balconies, so went exploring one sunny morning down the narrow Rue Qincampoix, where we saw the entrance to a restaurant. DBH said, we must book to go there one night. So we did, for the next night.

We arrived - no lights on in the sunny lobby we had been in the previous day. There were lights, but very dim ones. It suddenly clicked - the English branch had opened very recently and my cousins had been there. I knew Dans le Noir sounded familiar! Why it hadn't clicked at the time I have no idea, but it was too late, we were there - in a place that we had said we hated the sound of! grin

It is definitely strange, not to know what you are eating. You lose one sense, you lose the colour. You can taste something and none of you will agree to what it was that you were eating - we chose from a limited menu, but of course completely forgot what it was by the time it arrived. Maybe it wasn't the best time for DS to experiment with boudin blanc for the first time... A lot of our food ended up being passed around from mouth to mouth for a verdict on what is was that we were eating. It all tasted wonderful, we just didn't know what it was.

The waiters (all blind) were fantastic, heaven only knows how they can avoid heads at the last moment as someone moves, but they do. Finding my way to the ladies was challenging enough.

I hope they are still doing well, but I do like to see what I am eating. I think I would take someone with me to one, if they hadn't been before, but wouldn't go again on our own - because, So many good restaurants, so little time!

Coolgran65 Tue 24-Mar-15 15:03:21

Last summer - there was a similar Dinner in the Dark restaurant/cafe in Portland Oregon, USA.

rosequartz Tue 24-Mar-15 15:13:17

We'd be lucky to find a caff here!

ninathenana Tue 24-Mar-15 18:41:57

I'm not sure if it's still there but we've been a couple of times to an American Diner themed place on the road between Great Yarmouth and Norwich. There is an American car inside the restaurant and they serve American style food with the expected portion sized.