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Lovely music and pictures to with it

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Eleanorre Fri 21-Aug-15 16:24:09
just watched this and thought the music was so wonderful with the pictures .

hildajenniJ Fri 21-Aug-15 16:51:49

Very uplifting. Gounod wrote some wonderful music!

Eloethan Fri 21-Aug-15 23:37:33

Thank you.

Bellanonna Sat 22-Aug-15 00:08:29

Heavenly !

janerowena Sat 22-Aug-15 11:58:40

I was half expecting it to break into The Sound of Music!


Greyduster Sat 22-Aug-15 15:30:32

I had that piece on a disc (remember them?) long gone now, and I always said I would replace it and never have. Must have a look for a copy.