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whitewave Sat 29-Aug-15 18:07:20

Just listening to the swing night. Honestly just the season of proms is worth the licence fee alone. Glorious.

glammanana Sat 29-Aug-15 18:22:26

I watched it on TV it was amazing I turned up the volume and really got into the swing of things such an enjoyable programme I have recorded it so I can watch it again.

whitewave Sat 29-Aug-15 18:24:15

Minni the moocher tra la la

glammanana Sat 29-Aug-15 18:46:21

I feel an ironing day coming on so I can turn the volume up and dance around the ironing

Luckygirl Sat 29-Aug-15 20:45:29

The proms are my summer joy - I record them and listen to them over and over again, I am entranced by having a full orchestra in my living room - wonderful!

But to be honest the swing thing does not do it for me I am afraid.

whitewave Sat 29-Aug-15 21:06:22

I love nearly all of it. What a joy

MargaretX Mon 18-Jul-16 10:06:32

Did anyone hear or see the Proms last night? It was Mozart and Haydn. I sang in a R.C church choir for 25 years and we sang those Masses, mostly Mozart. Such heavenly music, played and sung by the orchestra last night, the soloists and the choir from Kings College Cambridge.

merlotgran Mon 18-Jul-16 10:16:56

Yes, we watched it. I've sung the Fauré Requiem with our local choral society twice and I've always loved it.

Kings are wonderful.

Mozart and Verdi's Requiems still to come. Can't wait.

annodomini Mon 18-Jul-16 10:27:50

I love the Fauré so much. I'd like to have the Agnus Dei and In Paradisum played at my funeral, but unfortunately that won't be held in a church.

MargaretX Mon 18-Jul-16 10:47:04

Thanks merlot I'll watch out for them. I have both on DVD and listen to them in the car. When I drive the to my Daughters the Verdi sees me through. I'm almost sorry to arrive.

HildaW Mon 18-Jul-16 13:13:01

I watched the First night....the cellist's encore was breathtaking.

Sheilasue Tue 30-Aug-16 20:35:20

Watched the John Wilson orchestra. Great night.

merlotgran Fri 09-Sep-16 18:11:39

Just a reminder....The Verdi Requiem is on BBC4 tonight. Prom starts at 7.30pm

Lona Fri 09-Sep-16 19:36:28

Thanks merlot I'd forgotten!

Izabella Fri 09-Sep-16 20:37:50

Not to mention those who are trying to get rid of the Union Jack and intend the star spangled sphincter be waved instead.

Luckygirl Fri 09-Sep-16 21:18:02

I was a bit disappointed in the Verdi this evening. I thought the tenor soloist was obtrusive in the ensemble passages; and I did not like the soprano - the famous pianissimo top note was crude. What a shame.

merlotgran Fri 09-Sep-16 21:56:35

I agree, Lucky and the bass sounded really distant.