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Critique of deliberate artistic ambiguity

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thatbags Wed 02-Sep-15 07:38:48

I enjoyed reading this essay to which I was referred via my Twitter feed (it's good is Twitter wink). My enjoyment was a little marred by a mistake (effect used where it should be affect) in the last paragraph, but it's a good essay nonetheless. Some others of you might enjoy it too.

ffinnochio Wed 02-Sep-15 08:13:26

A thoroughly interesting read this morning, and a timely one, as I have cleared off to the study with my coffee, whilst my guests roam about downstairs showering and organising their day. I love them and their kindness, and it's lovely to see them, but am in no doubt about my ambiguity in having them stay here for 10 days. smile

Yes, a good essay, and one I'll read again, when the need to disappear for a few minutes arises again!

thatbags Wed 02-Sep-15 09:14:39