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Frog superstitions

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noproblem Mon 06-Jun-16 21:53:37

What does seeing a frog means n superstitions?

This the 3rd or 4th time seeing the same little baby frog jump into my bathroom water while i'm taking a shower.

what does this mean?

Alea Mon 06-Jun-16 21:58:31

It means you should shut your bathroom window

tanith Mon 06-Jun-16 22:15:33


MiniMouse Mon 06-Jun-16 23:10:20

Perhaps it's hoping you'll kiss it? hmm

noproblem Mon 06-Jun-16 23:58:00

no serious answers?

Synonymous Tue 07-Jun-16 00:14:34

Perhaps a serious question would demand a serious answer? hmm

Like just how do you know it was the same baby frog? And they all look pretty similar and hard to tell if it was a girl frog or a boy frog too! grin

tanith Tue 07-Jun-16 06:53:28

How on earth does a frog get into your bathroom? I'd be wanting to find out instead of seeing a significance that isn't there.

GandTea Tue 07-Jun-16 07:14:36

Serious rising damp ?

GandTea Tue 07-Jun-16 07:16:58

WE did have a frog in our lounge, must have hopped it via the conservatory, kitchen, hall and into lounge. WE do have hundreds of frogs in the garden

dramatictessa Tue 07-Jun-16 07:25:53

Presumably you're looking for a 'magical' significance - maybe it means you'll be able to hop out of the showerwink

Alea Tue 07-Jun-16 07:26:59

Mine was a serious answer! Unlike some dappy superstition which I would regard as the opposite of "serious" confused