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London West End shows in August

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Pittcity Thu 27-Jul-17 16:59:59

We always go to the ticket booths in Leicester Square on the day. You can then buy cut price tickets, unsold or returns.
We go to a matinee then for a meal in Chinatown.
That way you do not have to go if you're not up to it.

Grannyknot Thu 27-Jul-17 16:55:02

That should be "on travel" above. Here's a link with more info:

Grannyknot Thu 27-Jul-17 16:48:50

tricia just be aware that there is a major upgrade being undertaken at Waterloo station with severely reduced services and every Tube station has posters warning of the knock-on effect it will have to travel in London. I get in to London via Waterloo and will avoid August for travel.

devongirl Thu 27-Jul-17 12:59:40

Annie with Miranda Hart has had really good reviews..

franjess2000 Thu 27-Jul-17 12:30:20

Thre's loads of kids plays around at the moment too - Horrible Histories, The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time, The Gruffalos child, What the Ladybird Heard, The Lion King, Aladdin

and the best of all
Gangsta Granny!

TriciaF Thu 27-Jul-17 09:17:31

Thanks for the replies - I know the grandchildren would love going to a show, but I think the adults might be too tired.
They're only in the UK for 2 months and are incredibly busy. Go back to Kuwait mid to end of August. I might take them all out for a meal instead.
West Side Story would have been ideal, but it's not on this year.
I looked up booking for Matilda, but they're all booked for the day we would have gone.

ninathenana Thu 27-Jul-17 09:04:00

Is Billy Elliot still showing ?
A friend has seen Wicked several times and says teens in the audience seem to enjoy it.

Humbertbear Thu 27-Jul-17 07:58:05

If you can get tickets I would recommend 42nd Street or Matilda. From what I have read about the play at the Old Vic I don't think it would be suitable.

Lillie Wed 26-Jul-17 20:12:17

Are you thinking of going during Kidsweek? There's lots of great shows and children go free if accompanied by an adult.

TriciaF Wed 26-Jul-17 19:55:19

I'm going to stay with family in SE England in August and thought it would be a good idea (though exhausting) to take them to see a West End show. I think it would have to be a matinee, Mon to Wed, as there's a long journey home.
There would be 7 of us, including children 15 and 13.
Any ideas? Or is it impossible?
Personally I would like to see the new musical play Girl from the North Country at the Old Vic but I don't think it would be suitable for teenagers.