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Irish folk song.

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Fennel Mon 29-Jan-18 11:41:42

I'm trying to find a link on youtube to a song, Irish, I think, with a chorus that starts:
With a toot on the flute
And a twiddle on the fiddle-o
Like a herring on a griddle -o
Can anyone help?

OldMeg Mon 29-Jan-18 11:44:01

That’s Phil the Fluter’s Ball or something like that. Just google it and you’ll surly find a link.

Greyduster Mon 29-Jan-18 11:44:29

Phil the Fluter’s Ball?

Greyduster Mon 29-Jan-18 11:45:14


OldMeg Mon 29-Jan-18 11:46:45

Try this

MawBroon Mon 29-Jan-18 11:53:27

Definitely Phil the Fluter’s Ball

Fennel Mon 29-Jan-18 12:07:35

Of course! I was thinking somehow of Mike McGilligans Ball, which exists , but not so lively.
Thanks all .

mcem Mon 29-Jan-18 12:27:20

A favourite of my late mum.
Definitely Phil the Fluter's Ball!