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Leonardo exhibition

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grannysyb Mon 27-May-19 16:33:33

We have just been to this and it was extremely good. However if you have booked tickets, make sure you print them as they don't have scanners which read the booking on your phone. You have to join a queue to have them printed!. We were told NOT to arrive early and so, by the time we had queued up and got the tickets printed we were about 30 minutes late for our time slot! Had we known about this in advance it would have been very helpful. Very few were turning up with printed tickets.

Ilovecheese Mon 27-May-19 17:50:41

We went to this in Manchester. We didn't have to book a timeslot or need a ticket, we just turned up. Had to queue for about ten to fifteen minutes.
It must vary with the different venues. Lovely exhibition but he must have hell to live with!

Suki70 Mon 27-May-19 18:20:34

Thanks for this tip grannysyb, we're planning to go to this exhibition shortly so this is useful to know.

Blinko Mon 27-May-19 18:42:24

We saw it in Birmingham in its last couple of days. So didn't need to queue or tickets...

phoenix Mon 27-May-19 19:17:07

Wish it was somewhere nearer to me.

If I could bring someone back, it would be Leonardo,

Think about what he came up with, design wise, before even an engine had been developed, what would be come up with now, with computers and the internet?!!???

Greyduster Mon 27-May-19 19:57:58

I saw it here in Sheffield. Free entry (optional donations), no queueing, very enjoyable and enlightening.