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Come from away

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Dawn22 Thu 15-Aug-19 17:34:37

Went to see a most interesting play whilst on a break away. It was called Come From Away. It was about the aftermath of 9/11. When the terrible event happened there were still planes flying over and in the American air space. They had to be landed as soon as possible. This plane coming from Paris was landed in an emergency situation in Gander, Newfoundland along with other planes and the population of that small town swelled by thousands for quite a few days.

The story is about the welcome the people of Gander gave all the travellers from near and far for quite a few days. Food, beds, friendship, changes of clothes and anything they could think of to help out.

Very heartwarming and edifying story.

GrannyLiv Thu 15-Aug-19 17:45:31

I read about this recently, there were around 38 planes diverted there and Gander residents put up several thousand passengers and crew, for about a week.

As a thankyou, the passengers who stayed in Lewisporte started a collection, which evolved into a trust fund for Lewisporte students to go to college.

A wonderful story of good people helping others.