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Ginger Baker

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gallusquine Sun 06-Oct-19 11:30:34

Saddened to hear the passing of Ginger Baker ( drummer and founder of Cream ).

lemongrove Sun 06-Oct-19 11:32:38

Were you a fan Gallus?

lemongrove Sun 06-Oct-19 11:33:29

Must admit, I never liked their music.

kittylester Sun 06-Oct-19 11:37:11

I'm sorry to hear he died but wont miss the music at all. We went to see Air Force and found it very self indulgent.

gallusquine Sun 06-Oct-19 11:38:41

Yes I must admit I was lemongrove, influenced perhaps by my older brother.

tiredoldwoman Sun 06-Oct-19 11:44:03

Oh dear , it's always sad when someone from your youth dies - I liken myself to a melting iceberg !

MissAdventure Sun 06-Oct-19 11:56:23

In light of the causing offence thread we should probably call him Strawberry Blond Baker.

glammanana Sun 06-Oct-19 12:09:35

Another part of my youth lost RIP Ginger Baker

Maggymay Sun 06-Oct-19 12:47:07

DH was a huge fan of Cream seen them in the 60’s in concert when they were just starting out .

Fennel Sun 06-Oct-19 12:51:27

Thankyou MissAd.
As for their music, that era passed me by as I was well past my teens.

LullyDully Sun 06-Oct-19 12:54:06

We saw Cream as they just started out 2/6d at The London College of Fashion.I seem to remember in those days they always left the drummer to do an endless drum solo while Eric sloped off to do goodness what. Amazing they have lived so long RIP.

trisher Sun 06-Oct-19 13:06:03

Wasn't a huge fan but knew people who were, White Room was always my favourite.
RIP Ginger

KatyK Sun 06-Oct-19 13:10:53

I never liked them but it's sad that he's died.

BradfordLass72 Mon 07-Oct-19 08:55:03

Not a fan of the music but Ginger Baker was one of the best drummers in the business. Magic paradiddles.

Grannybags Mon 07-Oct-19 08:57:45

Another fan here. Amazing that he lived to be eighty though after all the drink and drugs!

whywhywhy Mon 07-Oct-19 09:39:06

I am a massive fan but I liked Jack Bruce the best. RIP Ginger Baker and also the late great Jack Bruce.

Izabella Mon 07-Oct-19 19:13:34

Sadly missed. Huge talent.

EllanVannin Mon 07-Oct-19 19:20:04

My cousin will be sad as he was a roadie for Cream, among others.

NotAGran55 Mon 07-Oct-19 20:51:28

RIP Ginger . I’m pleased that I went to every night of the reunion gigs at the RAH in 2005 .

Urmstongran Mon 07-Oct-19 21:14:09

Love it MissA I was just thinking ‘oo-er’ when I saw the title of the thread. Different times I suppose!

MissAdventure Mon 07-Oct-19 21:51:38

Yes. Definitely different times.

I'm quite partial to the odd Cream tune.
Like trisher, White Room is my favourite.

Dinahmo Fri 01-Nov-19 18:17:32

I was an Eric Clapton fan from his Yardbird days and saw Cream often in clubs around London. It was frustrating when the others sloped off leaving Ginger Baker to his endless solos.

Nortsat46 Fri 01-Nov-19 18:24:15

I think he is now somewhere else singing ‘Bo bo bo b bo bo,
I feel free’.
RIP 🎼🎶