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Songs that make you smile [smile]

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grannymy Tue 21-Jan-20 16:24:04

Post some songs that are lighthearted and make you smile or lol.

grannymy Tue 21-Jan-20 16:25:39

whywhywhy Tue 21-Jan-20 16:47:47

Happy by Pharell Williams. X

rosecarmel Tue 21-Jan-20 16:52:17

Happy by Pharrell Williams

rosecarmel Tue 21-Jan-20 16:52:40

Hahaha! smile

Fennel Tue 21-Jan-20 16:56:31

A sentimental one -
And a funny one by the same person-

GrannyLaine Tue 21-Jan-20 17:04:29

grannymy ah that made me smile and then wince because I can remember all the flaming words!!!!!

threexnanny Tue 21-Jan-20 17:05:58

Eric and Ernie singing 'Bring me Sunshine'

lemongrove Tue 21-Jan-20 17:08:20

Mr Blue Sky by ELO

GrannyGravy13 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:34:04

Dancing in the moonlight by Toploader

Buffybee Tue 21-Jan-20 17:41:50

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

I love Dancing in the Moonlight as well
GG13 😊

varian Thu 09-Apr-20 12:14:19

Brilliant family song!]-h-R&eid=ARD2wH3jgpqaORXd6UnP8uz6SEwHVJWIKowAJPP82znqiWJXKE3HGOfCJhvvMoG6885ntt1HwkDPYJHf

Nico97 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:17:31

Hold on Tight to Your Dreams - ELO

CherryCezzy Thu 09-Apr-20 14:00:54

Hunting Tigers - Bonzo Dog Doo/dah Band

Always look on the bright side of life - Monty Python

The Laughing Gnome - David Bowie

almostelderly Sat 11-Apr-20 23:32:48

Brown Eyed Girl Van Mortison

May7 Sun 12-Apr-20 13:16:16

I sing g this to my Gcs. They think its hilarious I think its......well you dont really want to know do you 😂

almostelderly Sat 18-Apr-20 18:05:41

Brown Eyed Girl Should be Van Morrison, it's my typing! Buffalo Soldiers. Bob Marley is one I sing to my grandchildren.

BradfordLass73 Sun 19-Apr-20 10:23:50

varian That's wonderful, what an unexpected treat and what a talented family.

Classical Orchestral Comedy

And of course, Morecambe & Wise with Andre Preview

DanniRae Sun 19-Apr-20 14:04:36

CherryCezzy - I was pleased and surprised to see that you had selected a Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah band song. When we bought this house in 1970 one of the band was living here with his girlfriend - her mum was selling the house.
Every time the band's name crops up - not very often I must admit - it takes me back to those long ago days when we were getting married and looking for a

CherryCezzy Sun 19-Apr-20 14:17:44

They did some silly and incredible stuff DanniRae. The musicianship on some of their stuff is fantastic. Viv Stanshall was truly a one off!