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An anthem for the babyboomers

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Whitewavemark2 Thu 28-May-20 14:24:37

janeainsworth Thu 28-May-20 15:39:45

Oh thank you Whitewave Dillie Keane is brilliant isn’t she!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 28-May-20 16:08:05

I thought so - she reminds me of oh god senior moment, the woman who used to do wonderful comedic monologues say as a teacher etc.

Chewbacca Thu 28-May-20 16:09:36

Joyce Grenfell WW?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 28-May-20 16:11:32


sodapop Thu 28-May-20 16:19:22

Stately as a galleon she sailed across the floor. Great actress.

rockgran Thu 28-May-20 16:27:03

Reminds me of Tom Lehrer. Clever rhymes.

Madgran77 Thu 28-May-20 16:29:23

I absolutely loved Joyce Grenfell and brings back such happy memories of sitting listening and laughing with my Mum

Chewbacca Thu 28-May-20 17:41:26

The one where George gets something stuck up his nose and won't come out from under the desk.