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I won't back down - Tom Petty

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Fennel Sun 21-Jun-20 19:12:31

I came across this news item on the Guardian website:
Good for them.
The song features 2 of our Beatles:

SueDonim Sun 21-Jun-20 21:10:10

From what I know about TP he would be incandescent about that! I’m glad his estate has taken action. Don’t people in the US have to get a licence to use other people’s music?

MissAdventure Sun 21-Jun-20 21:20:52

I love a bit of Tom Petty. smile

Namsnanny Sun 21-Jun-20 21:24:43

Any ol' bit or is your love more specific, MissAdventure?
Just asking.

MissAdventure Sun 21-Jun-20 21:33:22

I think I love his musical bit.

SueDonim Sun 21-Jun-20 21:40:09

grin Missadventure.

I saw him live, back in the 90’s. I was so sad when he died so suddenly.

MissAdventure Sun 21-Jun-20 21:53:33

I bet he was great live?
I was sad too; I never felt he got much recognition for his talent.

SueDonim Sun 21-Jun-20 21:58:01

He & his band were much bigger in the US than here, I think, and he was very well respected amongst his fellow musicians. One of my dil’s went to school with one of his dd’s. smile

MissAdventure Sun 21-Jun-20 22:03:14

I'm so glad they've stopped Trump from using his song.

Fennel Mon 22-Jun-20 12:19:45

I hope they've stopped it but you know what Trump's like. He thinks he's above the law. Such chutzpah!
I came across Tom Petty when I was reading up about Bob Dylan and came to the Travelling Wilburys. He had a fabulous voice for the kind of songs he sang.

Riverwalk Mon 22-Jun-20 12:38:26

His estate joins a long line of those who don't want Trump using their music.

I can't think of any who would be happy!

pinkquartz Mon 22-Jun-20 12:40:44

i wish i had seen him live.

i have been a fan since the early 70's. I still play his music.

He would not have let Trump play his music for sure!