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Jolly dances from around a century ago

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StarDreamer Wed 03-Aug-22 23:06:20

LINK > Charleston

Callistemon21 Wed 03-Aug-22 23:08:52

Apparently my Mum was an expert at The Charleston!

StarDreamer Wed 03-Aug-22 23:09:52

LINK > Ragtime Dance 1913 (The Grizzly Bear)

Doodle Wed 03-Aug-22 23:11:56

Shows what happens when you have dyslexia. I read the title of this thread as
Jolly dances around the cemetery ?.

I thought it was some cult thing. blush

MayBee70 Wed 03-Aug-22 23:17:26

grin….that really made me chuckle ( I have a fondness for cemeteries,,,,).

StarDreamer Wed 03-Aug-22 23:34:58

LINK > Peabody