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Freedoms from Want - Reith Lecture - Darren McGarvey

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NotSpaghetti Wed 14-Dec-22 10:11:10

Just wanted to flag up this excellent lecture and Q&A session which I have just heard on Radio4.
The full version is available here on BBC sounds (and probably elsewhere):

This year the 4 talks are about Roosevelt's Four Freedoms.

What an inspirational speaker.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Dec-22 10:14:07

Thank you - there is so much to read and listen to at the moment which is good.

NotSpaghetti Wed 14-Dec-22 10:56:51

I really didn't fancy a "lecture" this morning 😂 but found myself stopping what I was doing to listen "better".
Now I know that it was "cut" somewhat to go out this morning I feel like listening again as I've obviously missed something that will be included in the podcast (apparently)!

J52 Wed 14-Dec-22 11:17:58

I’ve been listening, an excellent broadcast, so far.

blossom14 Wed 14-Dec-22 13:21:24

I happened to listen to this by chance. He certainly gave me lots of food for thought. Pretty impressive.