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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman

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TerriBull Wed 25-Jan-23 09:53:10

The wonderful late Aretha Franklin's fantastic song Natural Woman has met with disapproval from trans women groups who deem it offensive and would like it removed from Spotify and the like, please God they don't capitulate. Will this madness never end sad

volver Wed 25-Jan-23 09:55:00

This was made up by a parody twitter account and the Daily Mail believed it.

It's not true. 🤣🤣🤣

Baggs Wed 25-Jan-23 10:01:57

Can you show us your source of the facts, V?

Grandmabatty Wed 25-Jan-23 10:05:30

It absolutely isn't true and has been debunked.

volver Wed 25-Jan-23 10:06:22

Baggs Wed 25-Jan-23 11:38:05


TerriBull Wed 25-Jan-23 12:55:05

Well Mea Culpa!, should have Googled that one, but in an increasingly bizarre world, where oxymorons such as female penises have entered the language some aspects of what is being normalised appear to be bordering on parody anyway.

LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 09-Feb-23 16:32:51

There's a thin line between the truth and taking the piss, I fear.

A fine song, by Carole King of course but Aretha made it her own.