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National Trust free family pass

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Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Sep-23 10:02:16

The National Trust are offering passes at the moment, one per household, for one free entry to many of their properties from now until 20 October.

Grannynannywanny Wed 20-Sep-23 10:16:57

Thank you for that information Maggiemaybe. I applied using your link and was immediately emailed a single use digital pass.

Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Sep-23 10:34:14

You’re welcome, grannynannywanny. I’m looking forward to using my pass too.

Squiffy Wed 20-Sep-23 10:48:05

Thank you Maggiemaybe, I’ve applied and sent the info to the family. The email pass came through immediately. Now, where shall we visit…?!

Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Sep-23 13:23:10

Yes, Squiffy, that’s the dilemma!

Wenmore Wed 20-Sep-23 16:11:48

Check the list of excluded sites before you decide where to go

Primrose53 Wed 20-Sep-23 17:00:57

Thanks for that Maggiemaybe.
We had them last year and went on a wild and windy afternoon but enjoyed it.

fancythat Wed 20-Sep-23 17:06:07

Considering there are a number of Nat Trust properties relatively near here, there is only one exception on the list. I was expecting more.

Kate1949 Thu 21-Sep-23 10:11:56

Thank you.