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juneh Mon 29-Jul-13 09:58:30

We are starting a discussion over at the Conwy Forum about what it is like to have the operation for a gastric band. How desperate and out of control one feels around food that one decides to take the ultimate decision.
If you have spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting would you go for it?

Charleygirl Mon 29-Jul-13 10:07:12

There is an age limit and the vast majority of us are over the hill.

henetha Mon 29-Jul-13 10:15:34

No, I don't think I would. I'm doing the 5.2 diet which is proving successful for me, so far.
But, I do understand how some people do have real problems losing weight, and in extreme cases the gastric band is probably an effective answer.
So good luck to those who opt for it, on medical advice of course.

Charleygirl Mon 29-Jul-13 10:20:13

I certainly would never ever do what an ex colleague did which was to go to Belgium to have the surgery done. Nobody would do it here because she only had just over a stone to lose. She was fortunate and everything worked out well but not everybody is so lucky.

glassortwo Mon 29-Jul-13 10:57:33

june no I dont think I would. If I had been on the fence about it hearing the terrible time one of our members DD has gone through since her op I wouldnt chance it.

ninathenana Mon 29-Jul-13 11:23:51

A friend had it done about 6 yrs ago She is in touch with others that have had the op with disastrous consequences.
She had it done as she had gained several stone through years of taking steroids for a bowel condition. It has been very successful for her, although she really struggled for the first 6-9 mths.

I didn't realize there was an age limit. I have been asked by my diabetes nurse if I've ever considered it.

juneh I'm sure not everyone who considers it "feels desperate and out of control around food" I certainly don't. I think that statement shows a lack of understanding.

Tegan Mon 29-Jul-13 11:32:06

Can't help but feel that there is a lack of help/advice for people that are put on medication that increases their weight as, once you've put weight on it's so difficult to lose it. It isn't something that crossed my mind until recently [when someone mentioned it to me on here]. I knew I was putting on weight because my mobility wasn't as good as it used to be but I hadn't considered the possibility of one day being on medication that would cause problems.

juneh Mon 29-Jul-13 13:26:49

Thanks for all your comments the reason I have listed my comments is in a few weeks, one of the gransnetters for Conwy is going in to have a Gastric Band fitted and has indicated that she wants to chat about on the Conwy forum. Your support and understanding would be appreciated I am sure. Also if any of you have struggled with weight in any of the many ways that are noted for example eating disorders which do indicate that there are many people who are 'desperate and out of control' and feel hopeless when it comes to dieting.
Take a trip across you are very welcome

shysal Mon 29-Jul-13 13:49:15

One of the assistants at my local Asda had this type of surgery about a year ago. She has lost a lot of weight, but says she regrets her decision as she is in constant pain, which cannot be resolved. I don't know if this is a common problem or a rare unlucky outcome.

I have battled with my weight for years, always regaining. However, I have acheived lasting success (so far) with alternate day fasting. Perhaps you could point the member in the direction of the various threads on this subject, including 5:2, in the diet section. She will find lots of support on GN, not just local, if she feels able to raise the subject. Please pass on my best wishes for a successful outcome. flowers

juneh Thu 01-Aug-13 08:10:43

You may like to read a letter on the conwy forum from sumo who has written a very open and sincere letter about her decision to have a gastric band fitted. I am sure she would appreciate a response from others

Bez Thu 01-Aug-13 08:48:20

Medication causing people to put on weight is very interesting - does anyone know if there is information anywhere about the medicines which are likely to do this? DH is taking cortisone - low and decreasing doses- but it would seem that this drug causes you to feel hungry when you are not. He has put on some weight but is now happy enough when I say that he cannot actually be hungry because of time lapse and food eaten etc.
I am finding it very difficult to lose weight - the only medication I take is for blood pressure - am doing a diet from the GP at the moment which is basically a calorie counting one - limited success! But to get back to the gastric band question - don't think I could contemplate that.

MrsSB Thu 01-Aug-13 11:32:42

I wouldnt do it personally, I'm far too much of a coward. I do know two people who have had them. They've both had them removed, one for health reasons, I'm not sure of the other person's reason. Both have gone on to regain a lot of the weight they lost. However, I'm sure there are also many others for whom this type of surgery works wonders. Good luck to the lady concerned, I hope it works out well for her.

Enviousamerican Thu 01-Aug-13 11:52:29

THe gastric band has fallen out of favor with Dr.'s in the U.S. because of poor results.I have a good friend that has one and she only lost a little and has gained it back.She wasn't able to get the recommended adjustments for financial and insurance reasons.The high protein low carb diet wasn't to her liking either.

juneh Thu 01-Aug-13 14:54:05
Dear MrsSB, Be2, Enviousamerica would you please direct your emails to the above link for Sumo to see I am sure it would be appreciated thanks smile

Tegan Thu 01-Aug-13 16:31:58

There was a programme on the telly late last night/early this morning about other operations that people can have [where part of the intestines are removed so less food can be absorbed]. I only half watched it as I was falling asleep.

Greatnan Thu 01-Aug-13 18:44:54

My daughter had a gastric band fitted in 2003 and came close to death. The surgeon punctured her stomach and did not visit her after the surgery. She suffered massive internal bleeding and had to have an emergency operation . The wound became infected, she developed vasculitis and then a huge incisional hernia. She had to be given Tramadol because she was in agony and became hopelessly addicted. Her life has been ruined. That was in a BUPA hospital. It took seven years of fighting the Medical Defence Union to get settlement of her medical negligence case. My advice to anybody considering this operation is DON'T DO IT. Just do some research on the failure rate, and even the mortality rate.
Surgery does not address the underlying problems that led to weight gain. Some patients were found to be liquidising Mars Bars because their attitude to sweet food had not changed.