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Whether you’re after advice on starting up an exercise routine (see our useful pages on Couch to 5k as well as Tai Chi and Pilates, or looking for nutritional guidance and diet advice) then you've come to the right place. Alternatively, check out our Health section.

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I’m a Pear 🍐 the sequel part 2 !

210 Sarahmob

Linda Sansome YouTube

9 Gransey

Vibrapower fitness equipment.

13 Skallagrigg

Are you moving enough?

53 M0nica

Low carb recipes

4 Hetty58

the macarena.

7 Callistemon

New low-carb thread for post lockdown.

136 lincolnimp

Problems Yoga and Pilates

28 OceanMama

Best Health and Weight Loss Diets for 2018

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5 Richardparker

Do you weigh yourself every day?

120 silverlining48

16:8 diet

395 Kim19

Why do women hate their bodies

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Daily exercise for the over 60’s

29 BBbevan

I’m a pear 🍐 the sequel!

1000 craftyone

Excercise videos

23 Bigred18

Walking shoes

73 Rapunzel100


6 Lucca


58 Doodledog

Overweight Husbands

55 ExD

Couch to 5k

59 sart


15 Squiffy

Anyone else fed up with constant dieting?

126 craftyone

Safe to return to the gym?

52 Reader56

Intermittent Fasting and Atkins

32 JenniferEccles

Exercising while in isolation

15 Lourca

What is wrong with me?

56 Casdon

Prince Harry and a vegan diet.

108 LevHill

First dress in 40yrs

95 LevHill

Help me shift this weight please

73 LevHill

"Dry January" and weight loss

59 LevHill

I’m a pear !

995 LevHill

today i walked round the block [blush]

102 LevHill

Started hiking, looking at recommendations

13 Nannarose

Exercise for the very unfit

13 Missedout


5 Sunlover

Return to exercise class

6 Sunlover

Anyone interested in free weekly zoom weigh in?

8 fourormore

Best exercise bras for the well endowed ...

36 NotSpaghetti

Can't stick to my diet, need help!

30 heinvm

Yoga or Pilates?

49 jeanie99

Everything anti-ageing

15 Davida1968

Anyone else finding themselves eating more?

12 jeanie99

Fast800 and acid reflux

8 BBbevan

Can anyone recommend a free online Zumba class?

3 Nellie098

Same Food or Variety

18 eazybee

Keeping Active

5 scarfaceace

Losing weight then binging and putting it straight back on and more!

13 etheltbags1

Silver Swans ballet

1 oscaro11

Virtual Pilates!

2 M0nica