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Elliebeth Fri 27-Feb-15 08:16:04

Morning everyone. Have been following the 5 2 diet since November and lost 10 pounds, even with Christmas ! The last two weeks I've stayed the same even though l keep my calories to between 500 and 600. Any ideas please as to why this happens. I don't think l'm doing anything different or eating a lot more than before on the non fasting days. Thanks

J52 Fri 27-Feb-15 08:36:38

This happened to me. I adjusted the things I ate, but not the calories. I think your body adjusts and then needs a change. For example having a 500 cal fruit and veg day. Or up your exercise.

I reached my goal after a year, so now I just do maintenance, when I think I've had a splurge or my ( two size smaller!) clothes feel tight.

Well done on the 10lbs that are gone forever! Best wishes for the rest! x

Teetime Fri 27-Feb-15 08:42:09

I'm not doing the same diet but I know that when I have hit a plateau I needed to make some changes. from what I read and see (I watch all the diet programmes) protein and exercise are the key so perhaps a bit more lean protein and a change to your exercise regime might give you a kick start. Good Luck - its hard work isn't it? flowers

Elliebeth Fri 27-Feb-15 13:25:30

Thank you both for your replys. At the moment l don't eat until the evening and then have a M and S calorie controlled meal. Not eating during the day doesn't bother me but maybe l should start having half my calories at lunch and then the other half later. Or try the just fruit and veg J52 suggested. I've never had to diet before but now l've retired and not as active my 12/14 is now 14/16 and rising!! Will let you know how l get on. Thanks again x

rubysong Fri 27-Feb-15 13:36:12

At lunch on 5:2 days I have a low cal cup o soup, 2 Ryvitas and an apple. At about 6pm I have a small piece of fish or chicken a few veggies and a satsuma or a plate of smoked salmon with salad or a one egg omlette and some lentils. I don't lose masses but I'm never hungry.

J52 Fri 27-Feb-15 13:51:53

I tend to do the same as Rubysong, on maintenance days. When I was losing the weight I switched to alternate day which suited me best and meant that if I skipped a fast day due to socialising it didn't matter much.
Keep it up, some support is always here. X

Joelise Fri 27-Feb-15 15:09:41

Try doing 4.3, say, every other week & stick to low carbs on fast days. Also check the amount you can have on none fast days & make sure you aren't eating too many calories.