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Started hiking, looking at recommendations

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derrickhulsey Fri 31-Jul-20 08:11:15

So i've got bored of vegetating and started going out on long walks with my youngest daughter and whilst i'm enjoying the time with her, the walks aren't really challenging enough so i'm looking at weekends in the peak district doing some of the hill walks around there.

Which brings me onto decent footwear, like all shoes and boots theres loads out there and in the current climate its not easy or fair all round to spend time in shops trying on lots of different manufacturers.

so here i am asking the good people on AVF for recommendations.

I have quite wide feet and usually take a size 10 in shoes / boots so which manufacturers would you recommend that would fit this criteria i would also want waterproof as well.

I dont see this as just a summer activity but looking at continuing through the winter as well so will also be looking at recommendations on waterproof jackets, trousers, day sacks etc

Any advice welcome including different walks etc


Humbertbear Fri 31-Jul-20 08:16:04

Look at the shoes on Cotton Traders or go to an outdoor outfitters

Humbertbear Fri 31-Jul-20 08:17:02

Sorry, couldn’t think of the name, North Face

Greyduster Fri 31-Jul-20 08:44:33

Go Outdoors do an excellent range of outdoor boots, shoes and clothing at prices to suit most budgets. Buy the best footwear you can afford with Goretex linings - anything else is false economy. I like Meindl, but there is Scarpa, Salomen, Merrel, and, as above, North Face, but in the lower price range, Hi Tec, Peter Storm, Karrimor all do serviceable watertight boots and shoes. DH has Hi Tec boots and they haven’t let him down yet. As for Peak District walks, where do you start? The Dark Peak with its moorland and gritstone edges, or the dales of the White Peak with its softer but no less challenging landscape. Plenty of walks to download on line. Enjoy it; it’s glorious.

Illte Fri 31-Jul-20 08:57:41

My Bergaus boots are still going strong 10 years down the line. Personally I don't like leather boots. Make sure they have good ankle support.

I'd recommend 1000 mile socks, wool with the inner cotton lining to prevent chafing.

And a walking pole with a compass in the top. So useful.


Illte Fri 31-Jul-20 08:58:04


Don't know where the h went

Septimia Fri 31-Jul-20 09:24:12

Alt-Berg in Richmond, North Yorkshire. DH and I both have Alt-Berg boots; they're quite expensive but very good quality, in our opinion.

Last I knew they had a shop in the town but also sold online. The most useful thing is that they also have a factory where you can, if necessary, get boots made to fit you (they make them for the police, gamekeepers etc.)

Nicholas12312 Thu 06-Aug-20 07:29:57

While hiking I often use long pants and robust shoes to prevent different animals, and I use a pole for dealing with these situations.

shysal Thu 06-Aug-20 10:03:53

I can recommend Brasher/Burghaus Supalite 11 GTX. They are said to be the lightest leather boot on the market, and don't need breaking in. I used to wear fabric ones but I wouldn't go back to anything else. I hope you find some boots you like. I tried on in Go Outdoors to find the size, then ordered much cheaper from Ebay (naughty I know).

vampirequeen Thu 06-Aug-20 16:24:31

I've just bought some HiGear walking shoes from Go Outdoors. I have incredibly wide feet but these fit really well. Look for a pair that are waterproof and breathable. Also treat yourself to some proper walking socks. Your feet will thank you.

vampirequeen Thu 06-Aug-20 16:28:17

In order to suggest walks we need an idea of where you are. I would suggest you start with shorter walks. Don't try to do too far too soon. Try Googling 'local walks in my area'. Some local authorities have local walk ideas. Also download an app like Map my Walk. It measures how far you've walked, time and calories. No exercise value but gives a lovely sense of achievement.

Callistemon Thu 06-Aug-20 16:50:04

I tried on a pair of Chris Brasher boots in a sale once and they felt comfy even with my feet.
However, I didnt buy them at the time but I wish I had as they seem to be highly recommended and were an excellent price.

Go Outdoors has a lot of choice but you really need to try them, not buy online.

Nannarose Thu 06-Aug-20 18:19:57

I do really think you need to try them on. Brasher are too narrow for either me or my DH. DH has loved Berghaus for about 40 years, I love Merrels (probably about 20 years now)

I would suggest one outdoor shop, and I think Cotswold are the best overall, with knowledgeable staff (and if you are in the Ramblers, you get a decent discount!)

Buy socks first: Bridgedale are excellent.
If you absolutely feel you must shop on-line, then I would suggest that you go for the more cushioned type of fabric boot (look for waterproof Gore-tex lining). They are much more forgiving than leather boots (although they don't last as long)

And do wear them in first!

Good luck -my arthritis prevents me walking as far as I used to, but hiking has been one of my great joys for all of my life. My first mountain was in the Peaks - Mam Tor in the days when you did have to walk up it, not just park near the top!