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Swimming and dentures 😱

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kangaroo73 Sun 05-Sep-21 12:54:55

No this is not a joke. I swum quite a bit pre pandemic and pre partial denture. I’d really like to go back at least one day a week but I don’t know what to do re the denture. I’m concerned if I leave it in it’ll either come out in the water doing front crawl or choke me to death whilst doing back stroke ( I can’t do breast stroke). I’ve thought of removing it but it would leave a noticeable gap where one tooth was removed in the front. I suppose I shouldn’t be so vain and just remove it beforehand. Do any of you have experience of this situation? I intend to do aqua too one day a week but I think it’s save to leave it in for that

Boz Sun 05-Sep-21 12:58:09

Can I suggest a more leisurely swim than the crawl and backstroke? If you only did the breast stroke your denture would be ok.

Boz Sun 05-Sep-21 12:59:48

Sorry. Just read your bit about the breast stroke. Just take the denture out and don't smile at anyone.

shysal Sun 05-Sep-21 13:02:58

Do you use a denture fixative? I have a single false tooth which I secure with Poligrip Max. I doubt very much that it would come out while swimming. Good luck!

Feelingmyage55 Sun 05-Sep-21 13:03:24

Polygrip Ultra! other brands are available.

Feelingmyage55 Sun 05-Sep-21 13:04:05

Cross post. Great minds think alike.

shysal Sun 05-Sep-21 13:08:02