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Anyone else doing Keto at over 65?

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yogitree Fri 12-Nov-21 12:11:39

I've been eating this way for over 2 years now and the health benefits include IBS banished, Psoriasis almost gone, Blood pressure down from 170's to under 120/70. I've also lost 4 stone plus and my cholesterol is down. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else can benefit.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 12-Nov-21 12:17:29

We did it in 2019 and lost weight, didn’t feel healthier per se.

It was too expensive and difficult to keep up though so we abandoned it……………I’m not going to say how the weight is now though.

Ailidh Fri 12-Nov-21 12:19:28

Well done, great achievements!!

I'm not doing keto but am doing low carb, a là Fast800.

I've lost 3 stone this past year (8 stone less now than my lifetime high), BP similar to yours, blood sugar down from 64 to 27, IBS a thing of the past.

There's a Lot to be said for booting sugar into touch!! ?

Riverwalk Fri 12-Nov-21 12:23:27

I'm not 'Keto' as such but am low-carb and have been for a few years - lost over two stone.

A friend has lost 3 stone this year low-carbing and reversed her Type 2 diabetes. It suits me, but as with any diet you have to stick with it and then maintain.

Shirleyw Mon 20-Dec-21 02:57:33

Michael Mosley has a new ‘ fast keto 800’ book out at end of the year, I have it on pre order…..I probably won’t stick to it rigidly but I like the low carb/calorie counted recipes from the ‘fast’ books.

Chardy Mon 20-Dec-21 07:33:08

Keto, low carb or only eating inside an 8 hour window seem to be 3 impressive ways to lose weight for those of us who struggle with traditional diets.
Personally I didn't find keto expensive.

Jillyjosie Mon 20-Dec-21 09:11:34

Another low carb one here. I didn't need to lose lots of weight but my blood sugar has stabilised, spare tyre gone, 120/70 blood pressure, IBS gone. I've also finally got rid of nail fungus in my toe nails. As a diet, it's easy and effective, never been happier.

BBbevan Mon 20-Dec-21 19:14:18

Another low carver here, plus 16 : 8. Lost 2 and a half stone five years ago, reversed my diabetes and all is still well. I shall have a mince pie or two over Christmas.

Soupy Mon 28-Mar-22 19:20:25

I've just started low carbing and would like to initially lose a stone.

Had blueberries, raspberries and greek yoghourt for breakfast.
Lunch was grilled bacon, tomato and avocado
Dinner was h/m chicken and veg soup but had to eat my Mother's Day scone.

Wish me luck!

halfpint1 Mon 28-Mar-22 21:26:59

Yes I'm a keto fan however I'm not a meat eater so upped the eggs, fish and feta cheese. Really pleased with the increased energy, no more sugar spikes, no bloating and no brain fog!

tradermt5 Fri 10-Jun-22 01:05:05

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Shinamae Fri 10-Jun-22 01:43:34


tiredoldwoman Fri 10-Jun-22 06:08:23

I lost lots of weight about 3 years ago doing keto and felt the best ever but somehow I fell back into my slobby ways blush I'm going to get back into keto today ! You have inspired me .

Lynette55 Sat 11-Jun-22 22:10:19

I started eating Keto 14 months ago. I’m back to size 12 having crept up to almost 16 and have far more energy and hardly any aches and pains.
I find Keto easy to do and not expensive as I’m not eating as much! A mug of fresh coffee with MCT oil and cream first thing, one main meal a day of meat, fish or eggs with veg or salads, maybe berries and cream after, a snack meal of egg, cheese or a Keto mug cake with cream, a few nuts and 85% chocolate. Quite cheap really as those foods are filling so I don’t crave more.

Shirleyw Fri 30-Dec-22 16:44:00

Got the new keto 800 recipe book which tally’s with last years keto 800 book….I don’t do 800 cals but I do low carb and calorie count and the recipes are all calorie counted and a few new ideas.

Shirleyw Fri 30-Dec-22 16:45:21

…….oh, I’ve another year till 65 😅

AreWeThereYet Fri 30-Dec-22 17:02:08

Not quite keto but very low carb and 18:6 fasting. In three months MrA and I both went down two clothes sizes, mostly weight off stomach and hips. Pretty much stopped over Christmas but will start again in the New Year. Don't know about weight loss as we never weigh, just go by tightness of existing clothes. It's been interesting finding new recipes and new ways of making old recipes.

HeavenLeigh Tue 31-Jan-23 23:14:54

Low carb for me lost 2 half stone , loving doing it, lost inches too , feel great