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NanKate Sun 20-Feb-22 11:13:39

When it is too wet or windy to go for my daily walk I go onto YouTube and type in ‘Walk a mile in 15 minutes’ Leslie Sansome has a number of these videos, but check out other presenters.

I’m not the fittest of people but I can walk and manage 15mins dancing. However I don’t like the background music/talk by some of the presenters so I switch off the sound and play on Alexa the following

Smart Dressed Man ZZ Top to warm up
Bang Bang by Jessie J and Ariana G for the faster bit
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars for the wind down

Can you recommend any good dance music ?

Now got my feet up with the papers and a coffee, but sadly no biscuit. ☕️

Edge26 Sun 20-Feb-22 15:39:25

How about some Motown and Northern Soul.

Soroptimum Sun 20-Feb-22 15:45:25

Happy - Pharrel Williams
Reggaeton Lento - Little Mix
Cake by the Ocean - DNCE
Despacito - Luis Fonsi
Ai No Corrida - Quincy Jones
Some of these have a Latin vibe, always good to dance to!

Marmite32 Sun 20-Feb-22 21:24:00

Billy Joel - 'It's still rock and roll to me' used to keep me going on the vacuum a few years ago.
Past it now.

NanKate Sun 20-Feb-22 21:45:28

Brilliant many thanks to you all. I will go through each one and see if it matches near enough the dance movements ???

lixy Sun 20-Feb-22 21:52:44

Car wash by Rose Royce
You've got the moves like Jagger - think it's by Christina Aguilara

though I once I've done a Lesley Sansome routine a few times I usually turn the sound right down and listen to an audio book while following the moves on the screen.

Whiff Mon 21-Feb-22 06:41:46

I listen to classic FM so do my exercises to classical music and get through my routine that way.

NanKate Mon 21-Feb-22 06:46:15

Thank you lixy.

Whiff I’m more of an old Rocker ?

Whiff Mon 21-Feb-22 08:41:30

NanKate how about Glen Miller band music lots of his tunes have the right beat for exercises. My sister in law and her dad went to see them the other week and had a wonderful time. I know it's not rock and roll it's an idea.